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Kuala Lumpur - Year 2013 - 2D1N Trip - 30 May 2013

30 May 2013 to 31 May 2013

Heading to Changi Airport Terminal 1 (T1)

Wang Cafe at  
Changi Airport Terminal 1

Breakfast cost 
about SGD$20 ++ 
 I cannot recalled actual amount paid on that day.

Wang Cafe
Mee Siam 
Taste Good!

Air Asia 
Budget Flight
Drink & Snack will cost between S$3.80 to S$5.00 

We reached Kuala Lumpur Airport by Air Asia.

Taxi Counter available 
Book a Taxi to town for RM$102.00

I would suggest  booking a taxi directly from Airport Counter.
 You will feel safer to find a reliable driver assigned by KL Airport.

It take about 45 mins to reach Kuala Lumpur City

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences 

Jalan Pudu, 50100 Kuala Lumpur

Family Suite room 
2 Bedrooms 
Cosy & Nice 

Master Bedroom

Bathroom come with Bathtub

After check in the hotel
Time is around 16:30hrs

We decided to walk across the road from our hotel to Jalan Alor.
 Jalan Alor which is opposite our hotel, right behind a small road.  
We plan to hunt for good food,
 Jalan Alor was recommened by the Taxi driver.

I think we came too early,
  most of the stalls are still closed.

Restoran Sai Woo
Address, :  55  Jalan Alor

We decided to choose Restoran Sai Woo,
 because we don't have better choice. 

this place has many food variety that we can try. 

All the stalls in Restoran Sai Woo.

Carrot Cake
Taste average compare to Singapore Carrot Cake 

BBQ Chicken Wing 

Taste Good ! 
Maybe chicken wing is fresh 

Deep Fried Oyster Mushroom

Taste Good! 
Side dish come with nice salad. 

Steam Chicken 
with Bean Sprouts
Taste Good!

Fried Oyster 

Taste good ! 
Crispy layer!

Unlike the type of Fried Oyster dish we had in Singapore,
this stall Fried Oyster is really good.

BBQ Stingray
Different taste compare to Singapore BBQ Stingray,
 there was some kind of spices used to marinate on the Stingray.

Smell very closed to Peranakan cuisine.

We spent around RM$82.00, 
for food and drinks.

Budget hotels along Jalan Alor 

This area seem safe to walk around,
 people around here were quite friendly.

Stalls start to open after 17:00 hrs

We decided to try foot reflexology at Alor Thai. 
You can find this shop along Jalan Alor street.

Foot Reflexlogy 
cost about RM$33.00 Per Pax

Vincent first time experiencing foot massage.

Friendly & Reliable service 
from  Alor Thai

If we have more time, 
we will choose whole body massage. 

Maybe for our next visit .....

Walking back to our hotel 
Less than 10 mins walk

This  area was a good location to stay,
  you can find 24 hrs convenience store, 
restaurants, food stalls, nearby our hotel.

Next morning, 
sitting outside the hotel

Swiss Garden Hotel 
Lobby area

Complimentary Breakfast 
end at 10:30 hrs

Wake up around 07:00 hrs to get our breakfast

My breakfast for the day

Sorry about the blur photo shown!!!

Chicken Porridge 
Taste Good !

Salad Spread
Fresh & Tasty!

Vincent need more filling food , 
his breakfast for the day seem heavy .

 Breakfast was good.
 we really enjoyed ourselves.

Relax ourselves at the lobby

Another hotel opposite 
Swiss Garden Hotel
Jalan Alor's street food is right behind this hotel

Check up from the hotel
 We are heading to Puduraya bus terminal 
(now renamed to Pudu Sentral)

Once you are out from the hotel , 
turn to left and head straight to Bus Terminal. 
Walking distance will take about 15-20 mins.

Finally reached 
Pudu Sentral Bus Terminal

Just head straight and turn left,
 when you see a staircase lead to the Bus Terminal. 
You can buy bus ticket from this terminal.

Bubble Tea Stall  
at Bus Terminal


 We will be taking a Coach to Cameron Highland 
around 12:30 hrs
Javier getting boring while waiting. 

12:45 hrs 
Bus is still not moving at all
Maybe they are waiting for more passengers to board this bus.

About 13:00hrs
 Bus start to move off, 
our journey to Cameron Highland begin. 

Refer to video 
for more info:

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