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Batam - 2D1N - 28 & 29 June 2013

Batam Trip - 2D1N
28th & 29th June 2013

I am rich!

You can easily find a Money Changer Shop at Harbourfront Centre,
even around 8am. 

SGD$1.00 can exchange for $7,650 Rupiah 
(Currency exchange rate is subject to revise)

for breakfast at level 1

Harbourfront Centre 
Ferry Terminal at 2nd floor

We have booked for the 1st ferry at 9.10am. 
Ensure you arrive 1 hour before departure time,
go to counter to collect your tickets. 

We have collected our tickets 1 day in advance. 
we only need to check in 30 mins before departure time. 

We have booked ferry tickets directly 
from Batam Fast 


We decided to choose our ferry to arrive at 
Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal,

Batam Immigration Check Point at Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal.
 Here is much faster than Batam Centre. 
Lesser people and waiting time is only about 10-15 mins.

We have complimentary pick up service from 
Isabella Spa & Massage

Once we step out of Ferry Terminal, 
we can see driver holding a placard waiting for us.

We decided to check in BCC Hotel first,
so that we can leave our luggages with the hotel. 

Driver was quite friendly,
 he follow our instruction to wait outside for us.

Interesting to read this?

Isabella Massage House

Nagoya Hill Shop House Block G No. 5 Nagoya, 
Batam - Indonesia

(Tel 1) Call by your hand phone : +62 778 749 3692 
(Tel 2) Call by your telephone from Singapore : 001 62 778 749 3692
(Tel 3) Call by your phone from Batam Hotels : 0778 749 3692

Operating Hours 09.30 AM to 10.15 PM ( Last Order )

Isabella Massage House 
located right behind Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall 

We reached there around 10.30am,
decided to start our massage at 12pm 
(Batam time is 1 hour behind Singapore time). 
So we head to the shopping mall to buy some titbits and drinks.

Isabella Massage House's massage service,
was quite disappointed.
Masseuse seem inexperience.
I don't intend to elaborate in my blog about our Spa experience. 

We personally felt that it's not worth to consider this Massage House.

Key Chain cost about $10,000 rupiah
buy 5 get 1 free

If you intend to buy some souvenirs, 
can consider to buy some wooden key chain.

Reached BCC Hotel around 3pm,
get some rest and shower before dinner. 
We liked our room very much,
room was spacious & cosy. 

  • The BCC Hotel & Residence

    Jl. Bunga Mawar, Baloi Kusuma,

    Nagoya, Batam. 29432


    Phone:+62 778 421666

Behind the curtain blind was the bathroom. 
You can adjust the blind view inside the bathroom. 

Nice design concept suitable for couple. 

Time is 5pm 
(Batam time)

Waiting at the Hotel lobby.
for Isabella Massage House's driver to pick us,
we are heading to the Seafood Centre. 

Anyway transfer is inclusive in the whole massage package. 
We can save on the taxi fare,
 one taxi trip can cost you about $50,000 rupiah 
fare depending on location.

Wey Wey Seafood 
Just located near to Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal 

We decided to try this restaurant,
I have go thru some of the blogs. 

This restaurant highly recommended by many bloggers. 

We have chosen a table near to the sea view,
 but the foul smell came from the sea was pretty "BAD".

 Especially whenever the sea breeze blow towards us. 

Overall, everything is great on that day except the "SMELL". 
Pollution can be the main cause.

Just look at Javier reaction,
you will understand how bad was the smell.

Beautiful scenery and a good spot to relax yourselves.
Viewing the Sunset .

Javier decided to wear mask,
 he can't stand the foul smell came from the sea. 

It should be caused by pollution ,
you can see rubbish,
 and greasy stuffs floating on the sea surface.

Ota - Ota
(in Singapore called Otak) 

Receipt shown $10,000 rupiah. 
Service staff will placed 1 plate on your table,
 with 10 sticks of Otak. 

Otak filling is make of fish meat,
 with some spices and taste slightly spicy. 
Otak in Batam taste different compare to Singapore Otak. 

Batam Otak is more chewing, taste like fish cake.

Avocado Juice with Chocolate

Avocado juice taste nice,
1st time to try this drink,
unique taste with mixture of Chocolate topping. 

juice will taste awful when getting warmer. 
So finish the drink when it is still chilling. 

1 bottle Carlsberg cost about $29,000 rupiah

 Sweet & Sour Fish
Cost about $200,000 rupiah 

If you like sweet & sour food, 
you can order this dish. 

Fish was fresh cooked together with some vegetables. 

Chilli Crab 
Cost about $130,000 rupiah 
(only 1 crab)

Compare to Singapore Chilli crab, 
you might be disappointed with the gravy. 

Crab was fresh,
 size of the crab was small,
price don't seem cheap.

Deep Fried Garlic Chicken
Cost about $40,000 rupiah 

Baby Kailan
Cost about  $20,000 rupiah 

Baby Kailan taste fine,
 used too much oyster sauce on this dish.

Still acceptable ,
Kailan still has the crunchy bite.

Cereal Prawn
Cost about $65,000 rupiah 

Cereal blend well with the prawns,
 but prawn meat taste bland after removing off the shell.

My taste bud felt that,
prawns might not be fresh. 

I can only described as bland and tasteless,
don't even want to finish remaining prawns.
Spice and cereal did not mixed well with the prawn.

Disappointed to order this dish.

Hot Plate Tofu
Cost about $40,000 rupiah 

Tofu texture tasted different,
 with the usual Tofu we had in Singapore. 

This dish is still acceptable,
 I don't really like the gravy used,
 Oyster Sauce flavour was too strong.

Sunset scenery
I would like to capture this scenery shot,
and share this moment with you.

We just discovered after our dinner,  
there were 2 different Wey Wey restaurant in this area. 
The one we visited was Wey Wey 2 Seafood Restaurant,
 which was only the second branch. 

The Original Wey Wey Seafood Restaurant is just 5 mins walk ,
straight down from this restaurant. 

We finished our dinner around 7pm (batam time) ,
Isabella Massage House's driver came to fetch us around 7.40pm.
He was late.... 

We bought 1 box of JCO donuts, 
half dozen will cost about $50,000 rupiah. 
It seem quite popular in Batam to buy JCO donut. 

prices are almost the same compare in Singapore. 
You still can find JCO donuts in Singapore.

JCO donuts 
always look good & taste delicious.

Next Morning 
29 June 2013

         Now time is around 8am 
          (Batam time)

I like this couch seat very much.
Very comfortable!

Breakfast Time

Always remember to check on the breakfast ending time. 

P4 Restaurant 
at BCC Hotel

We were given 2 complimentary breakfast, 
so we need to pay additional,
1 pax about $50,000 rupiah for breakfast. 

Chicken Porridge 

Scramble egg


Hotel breakfast spread was good, 
come with lots of variety.

Karaoke is available in this hotel
 business hours start at 7pm
 (Batam time)

  Gym room just beside swimming pool.

Walking back to our room
check out time is 12pm 
(Batam time)

Relaxing ourselves in the room.

Bathroom area 
 clean and nice 

After check out, 
we left our luggages with the hotel,
heading to BCS Mall. 

We took a Hotel cab to BCS Mall,
outside was raining heavily. 

We took a taxi from hotel with another group of people,
 they were in group of 3 pax. 
This cost about $30,000 rupiah for 6 pax. 

If you plan to walk on your own to BCS Mall,
walking distance will take about 10 mins.

We bought 2 types of fruits,
which cost $5,000 rupiah. 

Window shopping

Cinema available at BCS Mall

Family Karaoke 

We bought a box of Pop Corn,
it really taste good.

Must try !!!!

Godiva Coffee 
We decided to try some drinks,
choose Godiva Coffee.

Oreo Blended
Cost about $35,000 rupiah

Strawberry Frost
Cost around $28,000 rupiah

Mocha Ice Blended
Cost about $35,000 rupiah

BCS Shopping Mall

A2 Food Court

We just discovered A2 Food Centre is right behind our hotel. 
Only few stalls open at this hours,
most of the stalls open during night time.

Walking back to our hotel, 
time is now 3.50pm (Batam time)

Flora Spa 
located in BCC Hotel

Since we have another 1 hour, 
we decided to try the foot massage. 

Foot massage (Per Pax), 
cost about $150,000 rupiah.

My fatty leg ... LOL 

We shared the same thought that Flora Spa massage,
 is much better than Isabella Massage House

Hotel Taxi
You can book a taxi from BCC hotel.

Isabella Massage House's driver pick us at 5pm (Batam Time). 
We are going to take 7pm (Batam time) ferry back to Singapore.

Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal

Stop here at a small cafe to get some rest,
 while waiting for the ferry.

Waiting inside the departure hall.

End of our trip 
for 2D1N in Batam

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Click here

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