Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bedok Food Centre

Bedok Food Centre
No 1 Bedok Road 
Singapore 469572

What food can you find here?

Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng

S$1.50 & S$2.00 per bowl
S$2.00 & S$3.00 (for Take away)

Recently happened to drop by Bedok Food Centre,
 and saw this stall is open on that day . 

As usual with the crowds in the queue. 
I ordered 2 bowls of Cheng Tng which cost S$4.00.

 Previous visit few months ago, 
I only pay for S$1.50 per bowl.

Even though Cheng Tng look the same, 
but the flavour of the concoction soup seem taste slightly different. 
Maybe my taste bud is not working. 

For this time I just cannot taste the natural sweetness in the soup. 
or maybe too much ice cubes used in the soup.

To be frank, this stall sell very tasty "Cheng Tng"
That was before the well known hawker Uncle Lim is still around. 

this stall Cheng Tng is still consider better,
compare to the other dessert stalls.  

The difference with Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng, 
Ingredients additional add in mung bean, 
winter melon and dried persimmon stripes. 

If you are around this are,
you can drop by for the Cheng Tng (清汤)


Stall No 9

There are few stalls selling Nasi Padang. 
If you love spicy food, 
this food centre will definitely suit your craving. 

You can easily find few Malay stalls,
 selling Authentic Muslim food.

Stall No 8 

Stall 8 Nasi Padang belachan chilli really taste good. 

No 8 Nasi Padang

Ayam Penyat 
Stall 7

Ayam Penyat 
for S$4.50 
Chilli taste good with the deep fried Chicken drumstick. 

Stall No ? Forget! To be update again.

To be continued

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