Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Food Plus Food Court - Soon Lee Road

Food Plus Food Court
Address :
51B Soon Lee Road

You will be surprised to find variety of food in this food court.

Lanna Thai Cuisine

Various type of  Thai dishes available in this stall.

I just miss the Tom Yam Soup.
Mild spicy broth with sour flavour ,
good combination  that make this soup irresistible.

If you like spicy food, 
you can add in dried chilli powder.

For me, 
I will add dried chilli powder and firied garlic.

Tom Yam Soup

Fresh ingredients used:
Prawn, squid, sliced fish, mushroom and spices.

Next Stall
Tang Ji Roasted Meat

This stall selling roasted meat.
Look delicious!

Roasted Duck Rice

My colleague said Roasted Duck taste good.

Roasted Chicken & Roasted Meat Rice

My order for today,
quite disappointed with the Roasted Chicken Meat.

Roasted Chicken meat don't taste good,
dry and texture seem overcooked.

Roasted Meat taste better,
crispy on the skin layer,
meat taste savoury.

Rice taste average.

Fish Soup

Forget to get comment from my colleague.
LOL ....

Affordable prices!

You can drop by this area and try the food.

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