Thursday, 8 August 2013

East Coast Lagoon Food Village - Ah Hwee BBQ Chicken

East Coast Lagoon Food Village

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Push Cart Hawker selling Roasted Chestnuts

No ... no ...,
we are not here for Roasted Chestnut.

Anyway, if you like roasted Chestnuts, 
you can find a mobile stall here.

S$8.00 for 500g, S$5.00 for 300g
now most of the stalls are selling around this price,

In the past, used to cost S$5.00 for 500g,
LOL .....

Ah Hwee BBQ Chicken Wings
Long queue again ......

If you don't want to queue,
there are few stalls selling BBQ chicken wings. 
You can look around.

But I still prefer to stick with this stall ....

no ... no....
not because of the queue,
this stall has their own way to babarque the chicken wings.

Stuck in the queue for 15 mins, 
finally is my turn to order.

This was my favourite stall,
I really don't mind to wait for awhile.

BBQ Chicken Wing 
S$1.20 per piece 

Chicken wing taste really good,
Crispy layer with sweetness,
meat taste tender & juicy.

Don't just order 2 pieces, 
chicken wing size is quite small,
at least 3-4 pieces to fill your craving. 

 Chilli Sauce
Chilli sauce really goes well with the BBQ Chicken wings.

Strongly recommed this stall to you.

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