Monday, 19 August 2013

Teochew Fish Porridge at 221B Boon Lay Place (Hawker)

Boon Lay Place Food Village
221B Boon Lay Place Singapore

It had been many years,
 I have not visit this place.

Since I am around this area,
I have decided to take my lunch here.

Teochew Fish Porridge
Stall No #01-148

The queue for this stall has not been stop.
There are always people going forward to place order with them. 

Stall layout
All food ingredients neatly display on the tray.

Waiting for my food.

Dipping Sauce

You might think that this dipping sauce will be salty.
But when you dipped with the sliced fish meat,
it turn out into a good combination,
and make the fish meat taste even better.  

SGD $6.00

Fish Soup 
additional topping of Sliced Fish meat & Fish Roe

This stall has used some lettuce,
small amount of soft beancurd (Tofu),
few pieces of Sliced Fish meat,
one slice of Tomato,
for the fish soup.

Soup taste good!!!
When I finish all the ingredients, 
I still have half bowl of rice left over.

My personal view,
Ingredients given really too little.

Despite the price of S$6.00 seem slightly high for hawker food,
but I don't mind to pay this amount if food is delicious.

Fish Roe and Soft Beancurd (Tofu)

I liked the plain rice very much.

Dessert Boy
Interesting stall name?

I wanted to try the dessert,
but I think I better control my diet .
Try not to overweight again.
LOL ....

Jin Ju Drink (金桔水)
SGD $1.60

After drinking,
your throat will feel better.
A refreshing drink!

Food Rating  **** (4 Stars)

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