Friday, 2 August 2013

Chinatown Beef King at Blk 59 New Upper Changi Road

Chinatown Beef King

This stall located at
 Blk 59 New Upper Changi Road Coffeeshop. 

Standing in front waiting for my food to be serve.
My mind still having some doubt about this stall.

Reason :

Stall look simple,
 and only 1 person managing the stall.

Beef Noodle Soup

Hmmm. .... 
Broth tasted a bit of herb flavour.
Natural sweetness
likely beef bone ribs used in the broth. 

Noodle soup really taste good!

Beef meat 

Meat taste soft, 
 thin layer of jelly look layer left on the meat,
not sure whether is the beef sinew fat,
but taste really good when you chew the whole piece.

Beef Meat Ball

I don't really like meat ball,
maybe because of the mashed beef meat,
which is not my preference.

Light flavour Soup  

Beef lover 
You can consider to try this stall,
if you are around this area.

Meat Ball Bee Hoon

Blk 59 New Upper Changi Road

Click here :
Blk 59 New Upper Changi Road Map

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