Friday, 16 August 2013

Tuas Village Food Court at 10 Tuas Ave 3

Today, I would like to introduce Tuas Village Food Court to you.

If you are working around Tuas area,
you might want to drop by this place for lunch.

Fish Soup Stall
As usual many people queueing in this stall. 

Affordable prices & tasty soup 

Uncle cooking the fish soup,
he need to keep stirring the pot of soup.

The few stoves in front of him,
you can see flame coming out from stove
 which giving out very high heat.

Fish Soup Noodle
+ SGD$1.00 additional topping for sliced fish

Beside Noodle, 
you can order Bee Hoon or rice.

Don't forget to add dried onion flakes & spring onion in your soup.
Taste & smell better.

Sliced Fish was fresh and cut in thick pieces.

Light broth soup
Delicious soup with light natural sweetness,
you won't taste the fishy smell in the soup.

This stall has used spinach instead of Cabbage or Cai Xin.

As usual 
Avocado Milk (SGD$2.50)

 Healthy & refreshing drink.

 Beside Fish Soup Stall,
there are few stalls also selling delicious food.

Tuas Village Food Court
No. 10 Tuas Ave 3

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