Sunday, 1 June 2014

Wong Chiew Restaurant at 19 Sembawang Road

Today was Sunday and we are craving for Chinese Dim Sum. I have done some research online and read some good reviews about Wong Chiew Restaurant for their dishes. 

Wong Chiew Restaurant was located around Nee Soon Camp. If you are driving, you can easily seen their shop located at the roadside.  Exterior outlook of this restaurant looks more like a eating house than a restaurant and business hours operate for 24 hrs.

Century Egg Porridge at S$3.50

We really liked this bowl of porridge, the porridge texture was thicked but not soggy. We strongly recommend you to try this dish.

Roasted Duck Noodle at S$5.50

If you don't like Dim Sum, you can also find other dishes like noodle and rice. This restaurant also sell Roasted Meat , Roasted Duck Rice and Chicken Rice.

Soy Sauce Chicken Rice at S$4.00

Fried Dumpling at S$3.00

Century Egg Siew Mai at S$3.00

For people that like Century Egg will like this dish but we still preferred the original Siew Mai.

Siew Mai at S$3.00

We strongly recommend you to try the Siew Mai. Siew Mai filling using minced pork with water chestnut and with some fish roe as topping. This dish really tasted good and savoury. 

Must Try!!!

Steamed Spare Ribs

Egg Custard Bun 

The Egg Custard filling was slightly too dried. Bun tasted average but still acceptable for its pricing.

Char Siew Bun

Rice Roll with Char Siew at S$3.50

Rice roll was quite soft and blended well with the light soy sauce. 

Xiao Long Bao

Small amount of the soup dripped out from the Xiao Long Bao. Why not order this dish when you are here? 

Meat Roll with Beancurd Skin 

Even though Wang Chiew Restaurant does not sell a lot of variety for their Dim Sum but prices are affordable and food are tasty.

Address :
19 Sembawang Road
24 Hours Service

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