Thursday, 12 June 2014

Itacho Sushi at The Star Vista

Itacho Sushi, one of my favourite Japanese restaurant because of its quality-affordable Japanese Cuisine.

You must prepare to be patience due to the long queue especially when you come with a big group. 


Promotion items

Simply write down your orders on the order form and pass it to the service staff.

After going through the restaurant's menu, let's introduce the dishes for tonight!

Crab Salad w/Egg Pressed Sushi - S$1.00 for 1 piece

Tempura +  Udon set - S$11.00

Cold Zaru Soba at S$4.50

Curry Roasted Chicken w/Rice at S$11.50

Supreme Sea Eel at S$6.20

Don't look at the price but look at it's size.

Egg Sushi at S$1.00 per piece

Scallop w/Lobster Salad at S$1.50 per piece

Must try !!!  
Scallop tasted very good due to the perfect mixture of the lobster salad , complemented with the avocado, bringing out its freshness.

Special Promotion Item
Roasted Salmon w/Soy Sauce Sushi at S$0.40 per piece

Yes! S$0.40 per piece but limited to 1 piece per person. 

Must order! 
The Roasted layer of the Salmon skin with the natural fish fat make the surface smooth but not to the point where it become greasy.  

Roasted Duck Breast Sushi at S$1.50 per piece

Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef at S$6.80 per piece

Must try! 
From the first bite, Wagyu Beef seem to melt in my mouth. Slightly costly for the small portion but definitely worth the value to order. 

Roasted Salmon Roll at S$2.00 per piece

Bara Chirashi Jyu at S$13.90

Assorted raw food with rice, mixture of egg, fish roe, salmon, cucumber and octopus, all cut in small cubes. 

Must try !!! 
This dish will offer you a wide assortment of different texture.

Special Promotion 
Beef Tendon & White Radish Soup at S$3.50

Must try! 
This bowl of soup really tasted very good due to the Beef Tendon, it was soft but maintain its firm texture.

Smoked Duck Croquette Ball at S$3.80 for 2 pieces

Even though this dish did not suit my taste bud, but my young ones loved it. 

Other Charges :

10% Service Charge : Yes
7% GST : Yes

Address :
1 Vista Exchange Green
#B1-12, The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 0880

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