Thursday, 19 June 2014

Shi Wei Xian @ Blk 463 Sembawang Drive

If you are looking for Zi Char stall, you may try "Shi Wei Xian". Price for individual dishes slightly expensive for HDB estate. However, I do agreed this stall has few dishes that were quite appealing for you to try.

Sambal Fried Four Season Bean at S$8.00

Even though the Four Season Bean was cooked with spicy Sambal but you don't have to worry about the spicy taste that will make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, the crunchiness for this dish tasted so good that you cannot stop eating. 

Must Order!!!

Promotion Item
Jejarang Fish Head at S$10.00

This dish definitely worth it's value for you to order. Fish Head was really fresh and cooked with a small amount of Petai and lady finger. 

We really liked the Fish Head and sticky sauce. Sauce look spicy but actually is not spicy at all due to the mixture of sweet & sour sauce.

Must Order !!!

Hot Plate Beef at S$12.00

Beef meat tasted tender and soft. Nothing much to describe about this dish. However, with the price of S$12.00 for the Hot Plate Beef, this dish still consider "Worth the Value" to order.

Claypot Beancurd at S$10.00

All the ingredients used were fresh but this Claypot dish was quite common which you can find at any Zi Char 's menu. 

If you happen to pass by around this area, you can consider this Zi Char Stall.

Other Charges:
10% Service Charge : No
7% GST : Inclusive
Rice : S$0.50

Blk 463 Sembawang Drive #01-01

Singapore 750463

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