Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Seah Im Food Centre - Ichiban Seafood Sliced Fish Soup

Pass by this area today,
I decided to take my lunch here.

When you are alone,
It always important to get good food,
so that your lunch hour won't get boring.

LOL .... 

Follow the queue will always be the right choice,
although sometimes it can be wrong.

What's so special about this stall?

Most of the order was Mixture Sliced fish Soup,
with deep fried fish & sliced fish.

Look at the menu

I think I will choose the fish soup,
 with the mixed ingredients.

The order most of the people are ordering.

Hmmm. ..... 
The bowl of soup look so different from the picture.

Black & White Fish Soup 
written on the menu

Fried sliced Fish & Plain cooked sliced fish.
Totally look different from the picture shown at the stall.

Soup taste bland
sliced fish and vegetable used were fresh. 


Chilli taste really spicy,
 spicy flavour really goes well with the sliced fish. 

Too bad I can't take spicy food,
but I did try dipping some chilli on the sliced fish.

for this set 
Price included additional topping for sliced bitter gourd.

Even though fried sliced fish was soak in the soup,
you can still taste the think layer deep fried coating,
wrapping the fish.

Fish really taste fresh!
Fish broth need some improvement,
Soup taste too bland.

Healthy Meal

You can find lots of cabbage cut in small pieces used in the soup.
Taste crunchy!

Fish soup rating
is depend on individual preference.

Some people prefer light flavour fish broth,
while some people prefer soup with thicker flavour.

Sugar Cane Drink 
for S$1.00

Lunch ended with this glass of chilling drink.

Seah Im Food Centre
Ichiban Seafood Sliced Fish Soup

Address : 
No 2 Seah Im Road
Singapore 09914
(near to Harbour Front Bus Interchange)

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