Sunday, 28 July 2013

ZI YEAN Food Centre (Pte) Ltd - Hong Kong Dim Sum

27 July 2013, today was family day.
 We decided to gather together during lunch time for Dim Sum.

Just marked on the list to order.

Drink Chinese tea to go along with your Dim Sum.

If you don't like Dim Sum, 
you can order Chinese Cuisine.

Traditional Chinese tables & chairs 

Dim Sum freshly made at the counter.

Century Egg with Pork Porridge
SGD $3.00 per bowl

Porridge was cooked slightly too soggy. 
Maybe because of Hong Kong Style.
Overall, porridge taste good with the light flavour.

Steam Barbecued Pork Buns
SGD $3.00 
(for 3 buns)

BBQ flavour pork meat cutted into small pieces,
meat filling nicely wrapped in the bun.

Steamed Pork Ribs 
with Bean Sauce
SGD $3.20 

Minced Pork Wanton "La Mian" Soup 
(Dumpling Ramen)
SGD $3.80 per bowl

Light soup base with the dumpling,
handmade "La Mian" (Ramen) goes well with the soup.

Fried Seafood Spring Roll
SGD $3.00 per plate

Crispy outer layer for the spring roll.
if you like crunchy food,
this dish will suit you.

Fried Prawn Dumplings 
with Mayonnaise
SGD $3.60 per plate

Fried Sweet Potato Custard Ball
SGD $3.60 per bowl

Very special taste for this dish.
When you bite the outer layer coating was chewy,
inside the filling was the custard which melt in your mouth.

Must Try!!!!

Pan Fried Pork Dumplings
SGD $3.00 per plate

Crispy Fish Skin
SGD $3.60 per plate

I don't really like this dish ,
but mum and Eason liked this dish very much.

Steam Rice Roll with Prawn
SGD $3.60 per plate

Soya sauce nicely pour on top of the rice roll. 
Sauce was not salty but blend well with rice roll.
Must Try!!!

Pan Fried Pumpkin Cake 
with Chinese Sausage
SGD $3.00 per plate

Steamed Shanghai Dumpling
SGD $5.00 

Pig Trotter with Vinegar
SGD $6.00

Mini Egg Tarts 
SGD $3.00 (for 3 pcs)

Must Try !!!

Steamed Red Bean Buns
SGD $3.00 for 3pcs

Today was Saturday but seem quiet.
We are the only customers.

Order some egg tarts and buns for my nieces to try.

Seriously no complaint about the Dim Sum.
 Except staffs customer service were below average

we don't expect high quality service from this type of place. 

this restaurant don't charge customers any service charge. 

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Zi Yean Food Centre (Pte) Ltd

Address : 
Blk 56 Lengkok Bahru #01-443 
SIngapore 150056
Tel: 6474 0911

Hong Kong Style Dim Sum
Open Daily 
Mon to Fri 10am to 9pm
Sat, Sun and Public Holiday8am to 9pm

There is another restaurant under Zi Yean, which is aircon area.
Just right beside this coffeshop.

Click here for more details:

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