Sunday, 28 July 2013

Itacho Sushi - 27 July 2013

This was my 2nd times visit to Itacho Sushi.

What so special about Itacho Sushi?
Let us find out from here.

Some dishes only available during Lunch Hour.

Salmon Lobster Salad Roll
SGD $3.60 for 2 pcs

Lobster Salad topping taste well with Salmon.
Try eating Sushi together with some preserved ginger.

Look delicious ...
Salmon really very fresh & taste juicy.

Cold Green Tea Noodle 
with Scallops
SGD $6.00 per bowl

Cold Soba served  together with light soya sauce soup. 
Topping with scallops and  dried seaweed.

Maybe because of Green Tea flavour for the Soba,
taste a bit of dry flavour left over on my tongue.

Food Hunter Eason trying the Cold Green Tea Soba.

Green Tea 

Whole Sea Eel Sushi
SGD $6.50 per piece

Look special for the size of the Eel Sushi.

Food Hunter Vincent trying the Sea Eel Sushi.

Tempting to try?

Roasted Mackerel Sushi
SGD $1.80 per piece

Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef
SGD $4.80 per piece

Must try!!! 

 Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef taste very good. 
Sliced Beef meat seem to melt inside your mouth with the rice.

For people who take beef, 
1 piece definitely not enough.

Vegetable Tempura
SGD $4.50 per plate

Vegetable Tempura always our favourite dish.
Fresh vegetables coated with a layer of deep fried Crispy layer.
Special dipping sauce but I forgot what was the sauce named.

Roasted Salmon Roll
S$3.50 for 2 pcs

Salmon Roe as the topping
Nicely display on top of the Roasted Salmon Sushi.

Roasted Meat (Cha-Shu) Udon 
with Pork Ribs Broth
SGD $6.80 per bowl

Small serving Cha-Shu Udon soup. 
We do share the same view that this dish taste good.

Spicy Minced Pork 
(Mini Don)
SGD $4.80 per bowl

Mini Don meaning rice served with a small size bowl.
Even though minced pork well marinate with spicy sauce.
We don't really like this dish.

Steamed Egg 
with Salmon Roe
SGD $4.50 per bowl

Salmon Roe with Steamed egg

Miso Soup 
SGD $2.80 Per Bowl
Must Try!!!

Miso soup taste good !
Surprised to find few pieces of Salmon in the soup.


Address : 
No 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista,
#B1-12 Singapore 138617

Tel : 
6694 0880

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