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Malacca Trip - June 2012 - Day 2 - Part 2

Malacca Trip
Day 2 - Part 2

Right behind Jaya 99, 
we saw another temple.

Temple holding some celebration today. 
The long tables display alot of food offering to the deities.

Walking back to our hotel

We decided to go back to hotel to take a short rest. 
Malacca climate really very hot. 

We were sweating badly and need a cold shower.

Night time
We were following the passage way which link to Jonker Street.

Walking to Jonker Street.

If you would like to know more about all this interesting places,
 in Malacca, refer to below link for more information:

Click Here:

Busy street with many vehicles moving around.

Night view at Jonker Street.

pictures were not taken well on that night. 
There were too many people walking around. 

I need to keep moving forward to avoid obstruct the walk way.

Jonker Street is a place to shop & eat. 
Joanne and myself were so happy.

Of course,
LOL .....

I like sweet tooth food, 
one of the food was Fruit Candy Stick

It seem quite popular in Jonker Street. 
Quite a few stalls selling this Candy Stick.

Jonker Street was crowded with people especially tourists. 

Today is Saturday when people are here to pass their times.
 Eating & crazy shopping for low pricing stuffs. 

Click here for more details about Jonker Street:

We were so tired after walking for so long.
We have found a table to sit down for a rest. 
Saw some stalls selling drinks & food. 

Fried Oyster 

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake texture taste different,
 compare to the type we had in Singapore.

 Carrot cake in Malacca outer layer tend to be more hard.
 But when you bite in between the carrot cake,
inner layer will be soft.

Continued our journey walking around at Jonker Street.

Back Alley Stall at Jalan Bunya Raya 

Click here for more details:

I have read the blog written from Blogger Vkeong,
 I think he has well described everything about this stall. 

You might want to check from there for more pictures.

Sitting at the back alley to eat was our first time experience. 
We have some doubts and the foul smell from the drain,
 nearly stop us for trying this stall. 

Thanks goodness,
 drain odour is not really so bad .

Maybe we are not used to eat close to a drain.

We are laughing because we never do this before in our life. 
we can at least experience with some imagination, 
when the old days, most of our ancestors,
 have gone thru this type of living standards.
Squating or sitting on a short stool having their meal.

Back to our mission for tonight. 
We came too late. 
Disappointed to know that only left few food items to order. 

Now time is around 9 plus,  
almost all the food have been sold out. 


Rojak look different
Ingredients with deep fried bean curd, 
cucumber and cooked fish balls.

 Must Try!!!

Cuttlefish with Kang Kong

Cuttlefish taste really good and fresh.  
Cuttlefish meat texture was quite chewing (QQ).

Must try!!!

Boiled Cockles
Fresh & taste well with the chilli
Must Try!!!

 This was the whole area at the back alley. 

Right in front of us was the stalls owned by the same boss. 

You can order from the stall and they will served the food to you.
Affordarable pricing even this stall was so well known.

 End of Malacca Trip
Day 2 
 To be Continued

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