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Malacca Trip - June 2012 - Day 2 - Part 1

DAY 2 - Part 1

Complimentary Breakfast at Best Western Wana  Riverside Hotel.

As usual, my breakfast must come with egg & bread.

Breakfast area  was quite spacious.

Food Hunter Joanne and Sunny enjoying their breakfast. I like to travel with them because they are both foodie buddies.

After breakfast, we decided to walk around the town.

Pass by a temple.

Some where around Jonker Street.

You can engage Trishaw service to tour around the area.

Morning view of Jonker Street.

You can shop around at this area for some souvenirs. 

Food Hunter Eason found  a shop selling  Mango  Dessert. 
Must try!

Eason only bought one bowl for himself. He is laughing at me when I reprimanded him for his selfishness.

Small shops along the road.

This stall selling deep fried potato. 

Walking  around to find a coffeeshop to take our lunch.

Saw this coffeeshop.

We came to this coffeeshop which is very near to our hotel. (Distance about 10 mins).

The red colour drink was a kind of herbal tea. Quite well known in Malacca but I have forgotten the name.

Dumpling noodle really taste very good. Especially the roast meat.


Food Hunter Javier is a choosy fellow. Trust his taste bud about his review for this bowl of  noodle.

We try this stall for the Popiah. 

After lunch, we crossed opposite road to exchange some Malaysia Currency at the Money Changer shop. Now you are looking at our hotel (the one with a higher building.

Next mission, we have plan to find a shop selling the layer cakes.

Where is the layer cake shop?

This is the place we are looking which is located at 1st floor.

Finally reached this place after 45 mins walk. 

Click here for more details:

 Nadeje Jaya 99

We do behaved greedy for choosing so many cakes when we only have 5 pax. Nevertheless, you just cannot resist the tempting from trying the cakes.

This is the famous layer cake.

5 of us shared the same view about the cakes. 
Cakes taste really delicious and texture was very smooth.

Our last order for the Mango Cake. We just want to try all the cakes in this shop.

Special cocktail drinks. 

 To be continued 

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