Saturday, 13 July 2013

Manbok Seafood & BBQ - Korean Food

Manbok Seafood & BBQ 
19 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Bukit Timah, 599743. 
Phone: 6463 9262

We were craving for Korean Cuisine on that day. 
Eason suggested to try this restaurant located at Bukit Timah. 

This was our first visit and we reached there around 10pm. 
Glad that this restaurant only closed at 12am.

Charcoal BBQ

I always felt that using Charcoal to cook food,
 will always taste better.

If you do not want to spend so much for a meal. 
You can choose set meal,
 which price range start from S$12 ++ and above .

By looking at the menu,
 out of sudden we felt so hungry 
and our stomach start to making noise. 

There were lots of variety for you to choose. 
You won't feel bored with the selection. 

After going thru the menu, 
we decided to choose BBQ as our supper. 

Sound fattening for Supper! LOL!

Set B - S$45.00 
(for 2-3 Pax)
mixture with Pork and Chicken meat

BBQ meat nicely display on the plate. 
This is what we called Authentic Korean Food!!!

Service Staffs majority are korean.

You will enjoy your meal in Manbok,
inside the restaurant ,you can listen to Korean music,

While dining outside the restaurant, 
you will able to watch Korean Channel.

Manbok BBQ was so awesome! 

BBQ meat goes well with Soju,
 I always like to try drinking Soju,
 this was my first experience.

Soju goes well with the BBQ meat. 

Side Dishes

You will get several types of side dish,
 complimentary provide by the restaurant when you dine in. 

Just keep whatever you want,
 but don't waste food. 
Korean people cherish their food very much.

BBQ Service

Korean Staff will assist your table to place the meat on the BBQ tray. 

The most essential part for  this restaurant, 
Manbok staff will do it one at the time for different type of meat. 

Spicy Tofu Soup 
(in korean "Sundubu")

Like what I have mentioned before,
 if you do not want to spend too much money for a meal.
 or you are alone. 

Try this dish!!!

Few types of Set Meal like Tofu Soup or Bibimbap, 
you will still get the serving with complimentary side dishes.

  Optional Order

Soju is SGD $18.00
Rice is SGD $2.00 per bowl

We strongly recommend this restaurant to you. 

Click here for video clip

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