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Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine - 5 July 2013

Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine

20 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599744
Phone:6468 3774 

We decided to visit Manbok Seafood & BBQ again,
 but evening time was fully packed. 

Happened to see "Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine" which is next to "Manbok"

we changed our plan to try Steamboat buffet. 
First we checked on the prices outside the shop,
asked the pricing from one of the Service Staff. 

We don't intend to spend too much for the buffet,
 since 3 of us are not big eater.

Buffet Price
Adult : SGD $19.80 ++
 Child : SGD $10.80 ++ 

Service staff guide us to a table,
 she suggested it would a better choice to sit outside.

We got a table close to the Passage Way,
 so that we won't feel hot.  

Service staff  passed us a piece of paper,
listed with all types of dishes and a pencil. 

You just need to mark whatever dishes that you would like to order. 
Don't be greedy to order too much,
you are allow to make order again.

                                  Types of soup bases:

                                           Secret recipe duck soup
                                           Spicy Ma La soup
                                           Chicken Pork Ribs soup
                                           Tom Yam Soup
                                           Bak Kut Teh soup

SGD $5.00 additional charge 
for Buffet soup base

Receipt shown that 

(hidden cost after we settled our bill)

I have picked Spicy Ma La Soup,
and Chicken Pork Ribs Soup as soup base. 

I  really regretted to make the wrong choice,
 which I have chosen Spicy Ma La soup base.  
Soup taste slightly bitter with the spicy soup.

Food Hunter Eason said we should choose Tom Yam Soup base. 

Spicy Chicken 
(Signature Dish)

We didn't know it was a side dish,
 we placed half of the portion into the Spicy Ma La Soup. 


You can take only a small portion of the meat,
 if you think portion is too much for you.  
We felt the Meat serving portion was too much for us,
 especially chicken meat. 

Eason and myself don't really fancy chicken meat. 
Chicken meat is for little Food Hunter Javier.

As usual , 
Javier choose chicken meat and luncheon meat.  

Boiling Soup .....

You can have Steamboat & BBQ at the same times. 

Besides the normal Hot Pot dishes which has meat, 
vegetables and seafood, 
you can also try their own handmade food "Fish Glue".
 Goes well with the soup bases.

Other raw food like prawn, 
squid, dumpling, beef, 
prawn and other raw food available for you to choose.

Few types of dipping sauce for you to choose 
(self service at the counter)

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