Monday 16 June 2014

Wong Chiew Restaurant at Sembawang Road

We are having family gathering today and decided to find a cosy place for dinner. We are back again to patronize Wong Chiew Restaurant. This restaurant not only served good dim sum dishes and the prices are quite affordable. 

However, after 8pm, most of the dim sum we intended to order was sold out and not available.

Well, let's forget about our dim sum dishes and start our introduction for other Zi Char dishes.

Siew Mai at S$3.00

You must order the Siew Mai if you are here. The yellowish dumpling skin wrapped with minced pork filling and chopped water chestnut eventually make this dish perfect. 

Must Order!!!

Steamed Pork Ribs at S$3.00

The Pork Ribs were cut into small pieces. The meat was soft and savory with the black bean paste.

Must Order!!!

Deep Fried Carrot Cake at S$3.50

The carrot cake come with crispy layer but internal layer was soft and tasty.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings (M) at S$15.00

Chicken wing was deep fried with crispy skin but it won't give you the taste of too greasy. You can't help to use your finger to grab the chicken wing.

Must Order!!!

Claypot with Spicy Frog Leg at S$22.00 for 3 frogs

Even though the ingredients for the frog legs were fresh but the sauce used was not enough which make this dish taste bland.

Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs at S$10.00

We were quite disappointed with the Pork Ribs. Pork meat seem has a layer of fats that stop you for having the second bite. 

Do not recommend!!!

Baby Kai Lai at S$8.00

This Baby Kai Lan tasted so bland that we don't even feel like eating. I think the chef has used the simple method to boil the baby Kai Lan and stir-fry with garlic. 

Do not recommend!!!

My personal view about Wong Chiew Restaurant, this restaurant is a good place for dining if you are looking for more selection. Affordable food prices with various type of dishes for selection such as dim sum, roasted meat, chicken rice and Zi char food. 

Other Charges:
10% Service Charge: No
7% GST : No

Address :
19 Sembawang Road 
Singapore 779075
Tel: 6456 6838

Operating Hours : 
24 hours 

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