Saturday, 20 September 2014

Soleme Korean Cuisine at Sembawang Shopping Center

In my earlier blog about this eating place named Soleme Korean Cuisine, my family and myself loved the Authentic korean food very much. Don't be surprised about the repeated blog about this eating place.

You can read more from my previous blog about Soleme Korean Cuisine 

Soleme Korean Cuisine is located in Sembawang Shopping Centre, business operating inside Food Junction. Food prices and food standard, both meet up to my expectation.

Hot Plate Pork Belly at S$9.90
Food Rating: 4/5

This dish is one of my favourite order, pork meat well marinated with strong aroma. You can try to dip meat with some chilli paste if you preferred some spicy flavour.

Black Pepper Pork Meat
Food Rating: 4/5

Korean Black Bean Noodle
Food Rating: 3/5

Noodle tasted good but slightly too watery. Main ingredients only used vegetables. 

Kimchi Pancake
Food Rating: 4/5

Don't forget to order the Kimchi Pancake, one of the appetizer dish that you must try. 

Korean Rice Cake 
Food Rating: 4/5

Try the Korean Rice Cake in Soleme, served with sweet and spicy sauce. 

Korean Spicy Hotpot with Sausage
Food Rating: 4/5

Next recommendation for the tempting korean food will be the spicy hotpot soup with noodle. You can request soup refill if the soup dry out.

Noodle at S$1.00 

Soleme Korean Cuisine
604 Sembawang Shopping Centre
#02-20 Food Junction

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