Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Prata Planet at Blk 320 Clementi Ave 4 #01-37

I was around Blk 320 Clementi Ave 4 with my daughter and happened to pass by a small eatery place named Prata Planet. Both of us decided to choose this place to settle our breakfast. 

As usual, I will take some photos about the menu. This is the most easiest way to memorize the dish name and food pricing.

After flipping over all the menu and hesitate for quite a while, we still decided to order the Roti Prata.

Cheese Prata at S$3.70
Food Rating: 3.5/5

For those who like cheese, the cheese prata will suit your palate well.

Cheese Mushroom Prata at S$4.70
Food Rating: 3/5

I was quite disappointed with my order, the cheese mushroom prata seem contained too much moisture that make the inner part of the prata slightly too soggy.

Curry Dipping Sauce
Food Rating: 3/5

Curry dipping sauce seem too oily and diluted to suit my liking. Curry sauce lack of  aroma and  flavor too light.

Mutton Curry
Food Rating: 3/5

Mutton seem too fatty and difficult to chew. The curry sauce lack of strong curry aroma and mild bitterness that stay on my tongue which I don't really like the flavour.

Prata Planet
Blk 320 Clementi Ave 4

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