Saturday, 31 May 2014

OMGrill at Blk 132 Jurong East Street 13

Original Chicken set meal at S$6.40

Side dish come with Garden Salad,Hardcut Coleslaw and Italian Cheese Pasta

Wokstars participant/champion (2014), Mr Ng Kheng Siang has opened a stall at Blk 132 Jurong East St 13 named OMGrill.  A unique name that spurred me on to try his food creations. 

Among his dishes, I decided to try out his Original Chicken Set Meal as I was feeling to get something light for my lunch. The chicken was well marinated and finely grilled. However, most of the dishes pre-cooked and reheated when consumers purchased their food .

As for the side dish, the Garden Salad tasted good with the cherry tomatoes due to its freshness. However, the Italian Cheese Pasta was too soggy for mine palate but its taste was still decent.  While the Coleslaw didn't meet my expectations at all because there was lack of dressing to complement the vegetables.

Considering the fact that this dish was purchased from a local estate coffeeshop, the satisfaction I derived from this dish was adequate even though the dish wasn't perfect, it was still "hawker worthy" nonetheless.

Located at Happy Hawkers Coffeeshop
Blk 132 Jurong East St 13, #01-271,
Stall 9 Singapore 600132

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