Saturday, 24 May 2014

Shabu Sai at Causeway Point

Are you a food lover for Shabu Shabu? Here is one of the restaurant we would like to recommend you. Shabu Sai located at Causeway Point , Woodlands branch.

This restaurant don't accept phone reservation. If you want to try this restaurant, you will need to queue early. We have waited for our turn about 1 hour on that day.

Weekend Dinner
Adult : S$24.99 ++
Child 4 to 9 years old : S$9.99 ++
Below 4 years old : Free
Dining Time : 90 mins

4 types of Soup base and few types of dipping sauce for you to choose.

Limited vegetables variety to choose but still acceptable for us because we prefer meat more than vegetables. 

We have chosen Tonkotsu Shouyu Soup and Sukiyaki Soup as the soup base. 

Beside meat and vegetables, you can also find different types of  food like noodle, fishball, beancurd, radish, egg and mushroom from the self service buffet counter.

We really liked the free flow serving for meat. Choice come with sliced pork meat, sliced chicken meat and beef.  You will need to order from the service staff and all meats are place on a small tray.

Overall the best food that can find in this restaurant was the free flow meat. 3 types of Meat that we have tried was really fresh and tasty.

You can pick your own dipping sauce. Chili sauce is also available if you like your dipping sauce to be spicy.

Nice dining ambience but service staffs are quite limited. It will take quite a while for you to place another order because most of the staffs were busy around. 

Free flow drinks with additional top up of S$1.99++. Coffee and hot tea are available. 

As for the dessert, we don't really like the ice cream. 

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