Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ichiban Sushi at Bukit Panjang

This round we are here at Ichiban Sushi . One of our favorite Japanese restaurant.

Unagi Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Salmon Sushi with cheese -S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Tamago Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Swordfish Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Tuna Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Tenzaru Chasoba - S$13.90

Mixed deep fried vegetables with prawns.

Cold Chasoba (Green Tea noodle) come with set meal.

Beef Sukiyaki - S$13.90

Sliced beef 

If you liked Beef Sukiyaki, you can try this set meal. Beef cut in thin sliced portions served with cabbage, mushroom, vegetables and Tofu (soft bean curd).

Lobster Fried Sushi - S$4.20 (2 pcs)

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