Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ajisen Ramen at Causeway Point #B1-18

Craving for Authentic Japanese Ramen today? We are here at the restaurant - Ajisen Ramen.

Vincent is waiting for his order Cha Shu Ramen. 

After 10 mins, finally get to see his smiling face with the contented expression when his food was served .

Javier was a fussy eater and quite choosy with the type of food that can attract his taste bud. For Ajisen Ramen , he can finish a big bowl of Ramen. 

Just look at the thicked soup base with the topping of Cha Shu, egg and vegetables. Do you want to join us?

You can choose one side dish with additional top up of S$2.00.  Vincent ordered deep fried cuttlefish as his side dish.

Sushi lover, you can choose California Maki (5 pcs) for your side dish.

Takoyaki (Side dish)

Soft Shell Crab Salad - S$8.50

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