Saturday, 3 August 2013

Legoland Malaysia - Travel By Bus - Part 2

Continued  with our journey 
Part 2

You will able to see alot of  Lego Figures around.

Feel so excited !!!!

My personal view about this place,
the area was too open.
You can't find many shelter area or seats around,
which I think this need to improve.

Bring your kids to the driving area,
they can try driving with the mobile car,
enjoy the fun to mingle together with the other children.

As usual, waiting time is a "Must".
Too many children in the queue.

As for  parents, 
just get ready your camera to take photo for your children.

Resting hour,
need to find a place to rest.

You can find restaurant here,
mainly fast food like pizza, pasta, drinks.

To be Continued
Check more  on Part 3

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