Thursday, 8 August 2013

East Coast Lagoon Food Villeage - Hwa Kee Barbeque Pork Noodle

East Coast Lagoon Food Village

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Hwa Kee Barbeque Pork Noodle

This stall located  behind a corner,
when you reached the main entrance, 
just turn to your right side,
walk all the way in to the end,
you will find this stall at your left side.

Char Siew Meat 
(Roasted Pork Meat)

Wanton Noodle

taste with chewy texture (QQ)

this stall used light sauce with some sweetness.
Roasted Pork Meat , fresh vegetable (Cai Xin),
and dumpling.

Wanton Vs Roasted Meat (Char Siew)

Wanton Soup 

Soup don't really taste good,
dumpling (Wanton) taste average.

You can consider to try this stall ,
if you like Char Siew (Roasted Pork Meat) very much.

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