Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lavender Food Square at 380 Jalan Besar Singapore

Today outing,
we have chosen Lavender Food Square for dinner.

Located at 380, Jalan Besar, Singapore

Ju Hao Dim Sum

Chinese stall selling Dim Sum,
attracted by the Xiao Long Bao.

Many variety of dishes to order,
but we still keep with one order.

Xiao Long Bao 

Sliced Ginger with Vinegar
if only ginger slices can cut in more thinner layer.

Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao
SGD$5.50 for 8 pcs

Pork meat taste terrible and dry,
when you chew the meat,
it give out a type of smell  that pork meat was almost spoilt.

Not sure  whether our taste bud has problem,
really disappointed to choose this stall.

Kok Kee Wanton Noodle

As usual, 
this stall is still the most popular stall.
Never see the queue disappear.

For this time,
we have give a miss for this stall.


No... not the Satay... LOL

BBQ Chicken Wing Stall
SGD $1.20 per piece

BBQ Chicken Wings

Taste good especially BBQ part with crispy layer,
squeeze some lime juice if you like a bit of sour flavour.

Must Try!


Albert Street Prawn Noodle

Stall look messy ....

SGD $8.00

Clay Pot did not heat up before serve,
Soup was not hot and taste average.

So what is the purpose to use a Clay Pot,
 when soup was not hot.

Chilli Powder

We have chosen Noodle and Bee Hoon.

Food ingredients used were fresh,
if only broth can make some improvement.

Prawn Noodle Soup is average.


Whitley Road Fish Ball Soup

Soup mixture of Fish ball and Meat Ball
SGD $4.00

 Fish ball texture was soft type,
but was fresh.

Meat Ball taste better than the fish ball.

Soup still consider acceptable,
broth cooked with light salty flavour.


Try this stall for their meat ball,
chopped vegetables mixed with  mashed pork meat.
Must Try!


I have read the signage,
some article printing on the signage.

This Popiah stall used to be at  Long House Food Centre.

SGD $1.50 per roll

Popiah wrapper seem soggy,
juicy but taste bland.

Stirred fried Jicama "Bang Kuang" only have ligh flavour.

Ingredients only have 1 piece of sliced prawn, 
some grounded peanut, small piece of lettuce 
bean sprouts, boiled egg.

I really don't know what make this popiah stall so famous.

Maybe suit other people taste bud ,
but not for me.

Calamansi Drink
SGD $2.50

Fruit stall selling fruit juice,
but I think the prices are quite stiff.
Avocado Drink cost about SGD $4.00.

This Calamansi juice taste really artificial,
I really don't like. 

Today foodie mission was not successful,
but I still think sharing information with others are very important.

The above comments are mainly based on my taste bud.
Maybe some of the food suit your taste bud.

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