Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tanglin Mall - Tasty Food Court

Tasty Food Court at Tanglin Mall

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Korean Food 
This stall sell very delicious Korean food

Affordable prices 

each set come with rice

a) BBQ Squid set
b) BBQ Chicken Set

Spicy Tofu Soup
come with rice

Tofu Soup taste mild spicy but savoury. 
Tofu and prawns were very fresh.

Must Try!!!


White rice covered with lots of Bean Sprouts,
cucumber, carrot, spinach and egg.

I didn't choose meat for Bibimbap,
but if you are a meat lover,
you can choose pork, chicken or beef meat.

Complimentary Side Dish 

Chilli paste blend well with the preserved cabbage.
Kimchi standard was really good.

This stall sell very nice beef soup
Beef lover must try!

Beef ingredients used were fresh,
 soup taste really nice.  

Beef Soup
S$6.00 + 
$2.00 (additional top up for beef meat & meat ball)

 When you drink the soup ,
you can taste a kind of natural sweetness in your mouth.

Bean sprouts and Celery boost the soup flavour,
refreshing and light taste left over in your mouth.

Beef meat ball goes well with the Chilli 

 Other Selection of food

Steamed Chicken Rice
S$4.50 per plate

Japanese food
Grilled Salmon Set Meal

S$5.50 per set 

come with soup and rice

To be Continued .....

Address :
Tanglin Mall 
Tasty Food Court #B1-17
Address : 163 Tanglin Road 
Singapore 247933

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