Thursday, 27 June 2013

Esmirada Orchard

Orchard Hotel, Orchard Rd, Singapore 238879
Phone:6735 3476 

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Esmirada at Orchard
One of the most special dining place I have experienced.

With its delicious, authentic Mediterranean cuisine,
 and its rustic yet homely ambience.

Birthday Girl  

Jia2, Jas and Peggy 

Birthday Boy 

We love Esmirada !!!

We liked the ambience,
food and music.

Lamb Shewers
Must try!!!

Prawn Shewers

Baked potato 
with sour cream topping

Baked potato come with the Prawn Shewers.

Chicken Shewers
Chicken meat taste juicy and tender.

By looking at Jia2 and Jas expression, 
you can imagine how delicious the food was. 
Especially the Garlic bread. 

Theme of the night
Start at 21:00hrs

Ancient traditional Greek habit of "Smashing Plates" ,
for Good Luck.

 Complimentary plate will be given to you.

Alan & Hwei2

Messy scene ! 

For me , I don't really like to smash the plate. 
Seem wastage! 

my friends were enjoying the fun. 
Initially, bring the joy to me.

Do not dine indoor if you don't like to be disturb. 

It can be quite annoying,
 when people start to throw plates on the floor.

Celebrating Eric & Joanne 's Birthday

Remember to bring your own cake
Service Staff will provide firecracker stick for you.

Cool .....

 Enjoy 2  for 1 Beer
Only available during Happy Hours 

Last order should be around 20:30 hrs

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Garlic Bread 
Must Try!!!!

Outdoor dining is available 

This place was really great.
 Service crews services seem quite slow. 
We keep remind them about our orders.

Food was good and ambience,
both match well with our expectation.

Suitable for couple dating or gathering. 
Estimate spending S$40 - $80 ++ per pax.

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