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Cameron highlands - 3D2N Trip - 31 May 2013

We took a coach from Kuala Lumpur,
Puduraya bus terminal 
(now renamed to Pudu Sentral),
to Cameron Highlands. 
Travelling time estimated about 3 - 4 hours. 

Departure from Kuala Lumpur at 12:45hrs,
 but reach Cameron Highlands around 1700hrs. 
We decided to take our dinner before check in to Hotel.

Hong Kong Restaurant 
Address : No.5, Jalan Besar , 
Brinchang, Malaysia

Lemon Chicken

for 2 pax RM$20.00 Per Pax  
 min. order for 2 Pax

Must Try with Tom Yam Soup

Hot Plate Tofu
Taste still acceptable,
I still preferred Hot Plate Tofu which I ate in Singapore.

Check in Hotel Equatorial 
around 1900hrs

Slightly disappointed about the room & facilities . 
It seem old and toilets really look dirty.

Especially bath tub & heater issue,
you need to wait for 30mins for the heater tank to heat up.

Morning scenery at Hotel Equatorial 
(Mountain View)

No complaint about the scenery for the mountain view.
This place is really beautiful.

Equatorial Cameron Highlands
Address: Cameron Highlands, Kea Farm, Brinchang, 39100 Pahang

Rating: *** 
Facilities in our rooms were quite disappointing. 
Nevertheless, scenery & room rates,
 managed to meet up with the price we spent on this hotel.  

Family suite for 2 bedrooms are spacious,
 perfectly cater for big family or big group for 4pax . 

Free Wifi only available at the Lobby. 

Bus Station 
We alight from here on 1st day,
 beside this station is the Taxi Point ,
when many Taxi drivers will gather here to pick customers.

Taxi Stand 
Taxi Service is below average 

1st day 3 Taxi drivers rejected to ferry us to Hotel Equatorial. 
We were lucky to meet a Local Chinese Uncle to assist us. 
He managed to hail a taxi for us  which cost us RM$35.00 ,
(initially charge is about RM$20. 

Taxi Driver will pick and choose their customers. 
I really disliked their service level,
 especially Cameron Highland is a Tourist attraction place. 

For taxi fare charge in Cameron Highland is around RM$20-$35,
 depend on traffic condition on that day. 
No meter reading and Taxi driver will set their pricing. 

If you need to take a taxi to Ipoh,
 will cost you around RM$150.00 - $200.00.  

We decided to settle here for breakfast,
 but tables are fully occupied.
So we just choose another stall with less crowds.

Indian Food 
 forget about the name

Taste Nice!

Indian Food 
 forget about the name

Taste Nice!

 After breakfast, 
we decided to walk around the town.

Tanah Rata is the largest township of Cameron Highlands, 
located along the main road,
 10km up from Ringlet and 4km before Brinchang. 

This tourist town is the most popular destination,
 among international visitors, 
especially backpackers, 
resulting in a large collection of budget hotels, inns and lodges. 

It can be very hot around noon time. 
Taxi driver never turn on their aircon. 

Even we were stucked in a traffic jam ,
5 of us include the driver were sweating badly, 
taxi driver still never turn on the aircon.  

Climate has changed because of pollution caused by cars, 
rubbish littering along the roadside near the forest, 
too many development spots for hotels  & apartments. 

Local people such as the taxi drivers ,
 restaurant lady boss also give their comments,
they don't liked the recent change of climate,
temperate seem getting warmer in Cameron Highland.

We managed to book a taxi for a city tour,
charges RM$25.00 per hour. 

We actually have made a reservation with another Taxi driver, 
which we met on the 1st day,
 but he didn't answer our call ,
neither did he turn up on that day. 
Once again, disappointed with the Taxi service.

 2 of the Taxi drivers we met,
seem impatience all the times,
driving habit really need to improve.

First Attraction Place
Cameron Valley - Tea Plantation

We did not visit Boh Tea Plantation,
because Taxi driver advised us to avoid that place.
 It seem there was  heavy traffic congestion around that area. 
He suggested Cameron Valley to us.

Taxi driver who ferry us around
We have spent RM$100.00 for the city tour 
(about 3 hours ++) 

 We decided to get some cold drinks.

 Next Stop - Honey Bee Farm
Seriously nothing much to see here,
except Strawberries & Bees.

Honey Stick for 
Must Try!

 Next Stop 
San Bo Temple
A peaceful place to visit 

Fresh vegetables Stall
outside the temple
We bought some cherry tomatoes, 
sweet potatoes and strawberries.

Next Stop
Target for Night Market 

We decided to stop here for the Night Market,
which start around 15:00 hrs. 
Taxi driver uncle just drop us nearby along a side road. 

Without a car , I would not advice you to stop here,
 unless your hotel is nearby.

We got difficulty to get another taxi from here.

You can also find some budget hotel around this area.

We decided to buy some sweet corns & sweet potato. 

Some finger food cost between
 RM$2.00 to $3.00.

We decided to stop at a Chinese cafe  to get some rest, 
ordered a plate of  noodle, rice rolls and drinks. 

Most of the stalls selling almost the same things,
which was quite disappointed.

 Nevertheless, we still managed to get 2 vests 
( 2pieces cost about RM$35.00) 
for both Javier & Vincent. 

Heading to Kea Farm 
Can't get a taxi at this hour 1630hrs , 
most of the taxi driver is not willing to pass by this area,
 because of the heavy traffic. 

We need to start our journey back to Hotel Equatorial ,
 distance about 2Km.

Pass by some shops

Spotted this place!

Time Tunnel Cafe
After walking for so long on our way back to hotel , 
we decided to stop here for a short break.

But no one want to try the snack except me.



I have ordered a slice of Strawberry Cheese Cake (RM$6.00),
 & Strawberry Shake. 

Must try this cafe if you are here.

Time Tunnel Cafe 
Must try their cakes !

Cactus seem quite common in Cameron Highland

Passed by Time Tunnel
 but we didn't want to pay the entry fee.
So we decided to skip this place. 

After 30 mins walk
We still cannot see Hotel Equatorial. 

Cactus Point
We really don't know how long we have been walking. 
We passed by this place - Cactus Point. 

Stop here for a short break,
especially our leg were aching.

Along our way, 
we saw a food centre.

After 1 hour
 We  finally saw our hotel - Hotel Equatorial.

Nearby our hotel, 
there was another hotel. 
You can find few shops around this hotel.

We also saw another restaurant around our hotel. 
I realised we really have no reason to leave our hotel ,
especially this morning.

We can just buy things and have our meal around this area. 

We were really tired after the long hours walking.

Another Chinese Restaurant nearby Hotel Equatorial. 

You can find many shops right behind Hotel Equatorial.

We decided to rest in our room when the night getting darker,
cold breeze blowing into the living hall,
feel so lazy to go out.

Room Service available 
We order for Nasi Goreng 

Taste Good!

Enjoying our fruits since we have brought from the stall. 
One whole Honey Melon cost about RM$8.00. 

Strawberries looked small , 
taste abit sour with light sweetness but fresh. 

You can get 3 boxes of strawberries for RM$10.00,
 but some stalls sell 5 boxes for RM$10.00. 
You just need to shop around for a good deal.

For medium size strawberries will cost slightly higer,
 but still cheaper than Singapore.

No Wifi in the room , 
Vincent & Javier can only play with their PSP. 

It can be boring without Wifi,
we cannot access Internet.

 Next morning 
01 June 2013

Cameron Highland is really a nice place to stay. 
Fresh air & beautiful scenery.

Eason admiring the morning scenery.

We decided to settle our breakfast at a nearby cafe,
 (Business hour start at 0800 hrs). 

Distance from our hotel is about 5-7 mins walk. 
We need to catch our bus back to Singapore at 10:00 hrs.

Waiting for the Cafe to open 
Now time is only 0745 hrs

Finally Cafe open, 
we quickly rushed in to get a table,
  many people start to wait outside.

 Food in this cafe, pricing are quite reasonable. 

Nasi Lemak 
look good but tasteless 

Dry Noodle 

Half Boiled Eggs 
Similar with the type we have in Singapore.

Curry Mee (Noodle)
Taste Good

Side dish come with Curry Mee

We have booked for Five Stars Coach back to Singapore

Book online :

We were lucky to get the front seats 
 Movies & TV Games available  

Goodbye to
Cameron Highland

Exit to Highway 
travelling back to Singapore

We left Cameron Highland around 10:00 hrs,
 arrived 2nd Link Tuas around 1830hrs. 

Tiring after 10 hrs travelling! 

I would advised to take a  flight  from Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore .
This will be a better option. 
I guess we will choose this option for our next visit.

Cameron Highland is a beautiful & safe place to visit. 
I will consider another trip ,
this time will plan for at least one week stay.

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