Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hansang at Grandstand (200 Turf Club Road)

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We have bought some coupons from , for dinner buffet at Hansang. The buffet dinner start at 7pm (dining time for 90 mins) around S$24.95 ++ and pay additional S$5.00 for weekend charge.

Korean cuisine is always one of my top favorite food.

This restaurant was quite big and spacious but only few tables were occupied.

The mini mart area already closed , only left  a small  corner selling some Korean products. 

A bar counter at the main entrance but the area was empty.

We have make reservation in advance but it seem this restaurant was not so popular.

We were directed by one of the service staff to our table.  The 2 pancakes already cooked on the BBQ tray when we reached the table. While the metal tray connected with 2 long soup pot on each side, 1 side with the seaweed soup and another side is cooking with the steamed egg. 

Seaweed soup base tasted bland and it was a disappointment. I have specially chosen this restaurant for our family gathering.  Initially, I thought the buffet price promoted online was cheap but end up we still need to pay additional cost for the service charge and 7% GST . It was partly my fault to overlook on the Terms & Conditions which has stated in the 

Regretted deep in my heart about my miscalculation but nothing can be change.  

After looking at the buffet counter, my disappointment increased even greater. 

The buffet counter only displaying with few korean dishes, steamed dumpling, sliced pork belly, sliced pig trotter, meat balls, teriyaki chicken, Korean rice cakes, vermicelli and noodle. 

The next counter displaying with few types of vegetables and dipping sauce.

The next counter displaying some raw food like pork collar, beef , chicken and prawns. 

Another counter displaying 2 types of sushi and 6 types of korean side dish. 

By looking at this photo, you can understand why I felt that the korean side dish don't look so appetizing.

The dessert counter only with 3 limited selection. 

Ginseng Chicken Soup was quite diluted, you can only find small pieces and parts of chicken meat in the soup. Even though I can still tasted the ginseng essence in the soup but was not flavorful.

We have a big table for 8 person. 

Free flow Korean Tea (Hot)

Korean rice cake tasted good with the kimchi and spicy sauce. At least make our buffet dinner feel better and worth the value. 

The Steamed dumpling was average, but the meat ball tasted good.

Marinated meat like the pork belly and chicken meat tasted good after barbecued. 

Nonetheless, I don't find the buffet price is worth for the value to patronize this restaurant again. Variety of the buffet dishes served in this restaurant are quite limited.

200 Turf Club Road #02-14, The Grandstand

Additional Charge:
10% Service Charge : Yes
7% GST : Yes

Buffet Rating : 
Food :3/5
Service : 3/5

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