Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Coast Bistro & Bar at 902 East Coast Parkway (Big Splash Block B)

We have organised a gathering at The Coast Bistro & Bar located at 902 East Coast Parkway (near Big Splash Block B) to celebrate one of my friend's birthday.

It was my first time at The Coast Bistro & Bar, while waiting for the others to place their orders, I take this opportunity to flip thru the menu.  

Chunky Chicken
Food Rating: 3/5

French Fries
Food Rating: 4/5

Caesar Salad
Food Rating : 3.5/5

The Coast Wings
Food Rating : 4/5

Strongly recommend you to try this dish, the chicken wing tasted savory and the crispy skin with very strong marinated flavor.

Dish Name:  XXX (served in 6 pieces) - Sorry, I have forgotten the name.
Food Rating: 4/5

Toasted baguette with mayonnaise egg topping. 

Fried Anchovies
Food Rating : 3/5

Spaghetti with Smoked Duck 
Food Rating: 2/5

I was quite disappointed with this order which spaghetti did not cooked well and tasted really hard.

The Coast Flaming Pizza 
Food Rating : 4/5

The Flaming Pizza is on "FIRE"......

I was still wondering how the pizza will taste after the "Fire Work".  In fact, the pizza tasted really good with the thin crust layer and topping of smoked duck. Thumbs up!

We liked the ambiance of this restaurant, tables available for indoor and outdoor dining. The surrounding nicely decorated that give you a feeling of coziness. 

Beer Tower

It was a kind thought that this restaurant prepare a Birthday Cake for my friend. 

The service staffs were attentive and change the plate for us quite frequently.

Overall, every one of us have a wonderful night for our gathering. 


902 East Coast Parkway 
Big Splash Block B
Singapore 449874

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