Sunday 29 September 2013

4D3N - Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Dated from 10 to 13 Sep 2013

Date : 10 Sep 2013
We are heading to Changi Airport with our own transport. It was rainy on that day and our departure time is at 11:20 am.

You can do some calculation for the Parking charge. Full day parking fee is capped at S$20.00 per day. 

I preferred a big luggage so that I can have more storage to keep my stuffs. 

Hotel Sentral Georgetown
3 Star Hotel
Overall rating : 8/10

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Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 4 - Dated 13 Sep 2013

We will be going back today, check out around 12:00 pm. 
We left our luggages in the hotel, walked to the nearest shopping mall. 
Walked about 20 mins to reach Prangin Mall.

Saturday 28 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 3 - Night Tour - Part 6 - Dated 12 Sep 2013

Supper time, even though it's really evil to keep thinking about food especially dinner was 2 hours ago. However, I just don't want to miss this opportunity to explore more food in Penang. 

Lorong Baru, Georgetown, Penang

Back to the food street nearby our hotel. More people around this area compared to the 1st day when we were here. 

Few of the local people recommended this stall to us . This stall is well known for their Fried Kway Teow. 

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day Tour - Day 3 - Part 5 - Dated 12 Sep 2013

We alight here around Gurney Drive.

Fort Cornwallis

About 10-15 mins walk to the entrance of Fort Cornwallis.

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 3 -Night Tour - Part 4 -Dated 12 Sep 2013

After a long walk, finally reach the food centre. It seem we came here too early, most of the stalls were closed. 

Kompleks Makanan Medan Renong Padang Kota Lama
Food Centre nearby Gurney Drive

One of the stall selling Cuttlefish with Kang Kong. 

Fried Kway Teow
RM $3.00
Rating : 9/10

Noodle cooked with bean sprouts, fresh prawns, spring onion and egg. Simple but really taste delicious.

Indian Rojak
RM $10.00
Rating : 7/10

The difference with Singapore Indian Rojak and Penang Indian Rojak, in Penang dipping sauce was pour on top of the ingredients. There were few stalls selling Indian Rojak and you will need to check around which is the best stall.

Monday 23 September 2013

Free and Easy in Penang - Day 3 - Day Tour Part 3 - Dated 12 Sep 2013

Food that can found in Penang Georgetown.

Based on so many food stalls and coffee shops that I have shown in my blogs. How many days do we need in order to finish all the food in Georgetown?

Sunday 22 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 3 - Day Tour Part 2 - Dated 12 Sep 2013

After our meal, we walked around and saw Penang Times Square. A shopping Mall in front of us.

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Passed by this shop, attracted by the big "SALE" signs. 

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day Tour - Day 3 - Part 1 - Dated 12 Sep 2013

We decided to skip Hotel's breakfast. Now time is around 10.30 am, we have planned to do some walking around Georgetown.

Start our journey to find good food. 

Passed by this coffee shop selling Halal food. 

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Night Tour - Dated 11 Sep 2013

After our day tour, reached our hotel around 8pm. After taking a short rest, we decided to take a night walk outside our hotel.

Passed by this place, a night spot similar to Beer Garden. 

Walking along Georgetown street, many food stalls and coffee shops are still operating. 

A coffee shop selling Roti Prata and other Halal food.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Gurney Drive Food Court - Dated 11 Sep 2013

Taxi driver drop us at this food court around Gurney Drive, Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia. We didn't managed to find the actual address but this place seem a hot spot place for Foodies.

You can see from the photo, most of the tables were fully occupied. 

Rojak Stall manage by a Chinese man.

Penang local Rojak mainly focus on Fruits,Cuttlefish and You Tiao (油条)

Fruit Rojak
RM $4.00
Rating: 9/10

Fresh ingredients used in the Rojak. Especially Cuttlefish and You Tiao.


Dark sauce is made of Prawn Paste or Shrimp Paste, very strong smell but do not taste too fishy. Penang Rojak has a more strong flavour than the type we had in Singapore.  

Strongly recommend this stall for their Rojak. You Tiao was so crunchy and crispy that I thought it was cracker.

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Friday 20 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Penang Hill - Dated 11 Sep 2013

Our last stop for today will be Penang Hill. Uncle Low's son Robinson told us to come here around evening time to see the sunset. 

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You can purchase tickets from the counter. 

Entry Fee
Adult - RM $30.00

Child : RM $15.00

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Kek Lok Si Temple - Dated 11 Sep 2013

Uncle Low (Taxi driver) sending us to Kek Lok Si Temple, one of the largest temple in Penang. 

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This standing pole was a wishing area for devotees to make their wishes.

Wishing ribbon with different types of blessing wishes meaning. Just drop your money in the metal box after you have choose your wishing ribbon. Write down your name and hang the ribbon on the pole.

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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Chew Jetty - Dated 11 Sep 2013

Chew Jetty

Address :
59A, Chew Jetty, Weld Quay 10300 
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

About Chew Jetty

I always wanted to visit Chew Jetty.Even though there was not much things to see at this place,but you will feel a kind of peaceful and relaxing feeling. 

A small temple.

Bicycle is not allow inside the Chew Jetty.