Sunday 29 June 2014

Azur - Buffet Brunch at Crowne Plaza Hotel (Changi Airport T3)

Since last week we have planned to spend our Sunday to organize for a cycling event at East Coast Park. Before we start our outdoor activity for today, we will need to fill up some energy for our empty stomach. 

I have come across a promotion advertisement from Azur Restaurant. Hence, we decided to try Brunch buffet since we have not try before. 

This Restaurant is located at level 2 in Crowne Plaza Hotel (Changi Airport T3). You can refer to this link for more details :-

Here we are at Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport.

Front Counter 

I would recommend you to make reservation thru online at least one day in advance. Initially, I have called the direct line to make phone reservation but no one has pick up my call. Online reservation will be much more easier compare to phone reservation.

Nice ambiance with cosy seats. We reached the restaurant around 12.30pm when the restaurant is less crowded.

Buffet Counter separated into different sections and just few steps away your table.

I started off with a bowl of Japanese noodle (Ramen). The soup base taste too bland for me, but the ingredients such as the seaweed, boiled egg and Japanese Sliced Fish Cake blend well with the noodle. 

Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Roll) and Shun Kueh

Tim Sum also available in this restaurant. 

Sushi Roll

Chicken Porridge 

Strongly recommend you to try the Chicken Porridge. 

Every one of us were so busy eating with our food. 

Japanese Soba

Cold Soba served with a small bowl,  noodle tasted good but the sauce used seem too salty for me.

Scrambled Egg and Bun

If you like egg and bread, you can find few types of loaf bread and bun available at the buffet counter.

Oyster and Prawn

For Seafood lover, you will like the fresh Oyster and Prawn served in this restaurant. Strongly recommend you to try.


My own view, I will not recommend you to try the Mussel. Size of the Mussel was small and taste slightly bitter. 

Beside the seafood, you can also try other dishes like German Sausage, pasta, omelette, roasted duck meat and roasted potato.

Indian food like Nasi Bryani  also available in this restaurant.

Chocolate Fondue

Mini doughnut coated with creamy melted chocolate. Beside mini doughnut, the buffet counter also served grapes and mashed mallow for you to dip in the Chocolate Fondue.

Coffee (free flow)

Coffee also available in the Brunch, you can order from the Service Staff. 

 Sliced Beef also available in the brunch buffet.

If you prefer something light for your meal, you  might want to explore at the salad counter. You can find different salad dressing at the counter with few types of mixed salad.

Traditional food like Kueh Pie Tee also available in the Brunch Buffet. Nevertheless, I don't like the Kueh Pie Tee due to the strong greasy smell of the Pie Tee crispy case.


I can only said the dessert really look tempting and tasted really good.

Ice Cream 

Fruit,  Cake and Tart

After our meal, we have a short chat before we leave the restaurant. It was around 3pm when we settle the bill.

Service Level :  3/5 
Service Staffs were always too busy to clear the empty plate. 

Food Standard : 4/5
Kitchen crew constantly refill and manage the buffet counters.

Variety of Food : 4/5  
Overall you have many type of dishes to try out, variety range like Chinese, Western, Japanese and Indian Cuisine.

Brunch Buffet Charge:
S$55.00 ++ per pax  ( 1 for 1 promotion, terms & conditions apply)

10% Service charge : Yes

7% GST : Yes 

Sunday 22 June 2014

Old Kim Guan - OKG Express at ARC

Looking for Home-cooked food? You can try to patronize a small Eatery Shop named Old Kim Guan located at ARC Shopping Mall at Pasir Panjang Road.

Click here for Homepage

Mee Sua at S$4.20

This bowl of Mee Sua was so delicious until I have almost empty the whole bowl except the egg yolk.

The braised pork meat was cooked in sliced pieces, even though the taste is slightly too salty for me but still "Yummy" to finish all.

I will strongly recommend you to try this bowl of Mee Sua.  
Must Try!!!

What is Mee Sua?
Refer to this link :

Other Charges: 
10% Service Charge: No
7% GST : Inclusive
Service : Self Service 

Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) 
460 Alexandra Road, #02-37,
Singapore 119963
Tel: 6273 0168

Operating Hours:
Mon to Sun: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm

Lucky Star Eating House at Blk 211 Marsiling Crescent

Where to find good food with cheap and affordable prices at Woodlands area? Allow me to recommend you this Eating House at Blk 211 Marsiling Crescent named Lucky Star Eating House.

Ah Keat Pig's Organ Soup

Don't worry if you do not like Pig's Organ Soup. This stall also sell other dishes like Braised Pig's Trotter and Kidney Soup. 

Pork Ribs Soup at S$4.00

This bowl of soup is mainly cooked with Pork Ribs. Nevertheless, you will like the soup due to it's natural sweetness. 

You can't even cook a bowl of Pork Ribs Soup at home with the amount of S$4.00.

Kidney Soup at S$4.00

Another recommendation will be the Pig's Kidney Soup. This stall used fresh Pig's Kidney with proper cleaning to rinse off the urine smell and soup taste good. 

This bowl of soup is one of my favorite.

Braised Pig's Trotter at S$4.00

This is one of my favorite dish, Braised Pig's Trotter. I really liked the gravy of the Braised Pig's Trotter which complement white rice really well, when you can finish one bowl of rice just with the gravy alone.

Must Order!!!

If you don't like my recommendation, you can also try the Tim Sum Stall named Kimly Handmade Tim Sum.

Even though the food standard of Kimly Handmade Tim Sum is more to average. However, I still think the taste for most of Tim Sum is acceptable.

Steamed Pork Ribs  
(Sorry, I've forgotten about the price for this dish)
Must Try!!!

Prawn Dumpling

Siew Mai

Siew Mai still tasted good and you can consider to order.

Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Roll)

I don't really like the Chee Cheong Fun especially the sauce.

Fried Beancurd Skin - Fu Pi Juan

This dish is really a disappointment to order. Fried Beancurd was cold and the filling has a strong fishy smell.

Blk 211 Marsiling Crescent
Singapore 730211