Saturday 12 July 2014

Xiang Kang Xiao Chu at Tuas Food Centre - 29 Tuas West Avenue

Today, I am going to recommend you a food stall located at Tuas Food Centre at 29 Tuas West Ave.  You will be surprised to find out that this food stall served only few limited dishes yet delicious. Simple dishes that tasted like home cooked food but you can always see people queuing at this stall to order.

Find out why?

A plate of rice with few dishes and cost only less than S$3.50. Dishes even look simple but tasted delicious.

This plate of steamed fish is the selling point that attracted me to patronize this stall. I can only said steamed fish was fresh, meat was soft and tasted without the fishy smell.

This lunch meal only cost less than S$6.00, cheap food price but tasty and healthy.

Banana Milk Shake at S$2.00

Click here to find the location

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