Wednesday 30 October 2013

Fancy Delight @ IMM

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Outlet: :
2, Jurong East St. 21, IMM Building, #01-K05, 
Singapore 609601

Tasty egg tart made in a cup shape. Few types of flavour for you to choose include durian, chocolate and many more. Of course Original flavour is purely with original full egg flavour.

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SGD $1.40 for 1 pc
SGD $15.40 for 12 pcs (packed in a box)
Rating : 9/10

Friday 25 October 2013

Feng Shan Food Centre at Blk 85 Bedok North Street 4

We were here at Feng Shan Food Centre for our supper. Now is around 9.30 pm but Food Centre still crowded with people.  

First order BBQ Chicken Wing for Javier. 

This stall selling the BBQ Chicken wing at S$1.30 for 1 piece. It seem slightly expensive compare to the normal price of S$1.20 which can find in other places.

Sin Bedok North BBQ Chicken Wing
Rating : 8/10

Javier finished all the chicken wings. Look at the crispy layer and tender meat.
Are you feeling hungry now?

Thursday 24 October 2013

Osmar Taiwan Bento - 台灣便當 at The Central @ Calrk Quay

8 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central @ Basement

Osmar Taiwan Bento 

 Osmar Taiwan Bento located at basement 1 @ The Central.

Roasted Chicken Rice
SGD $5.80

Milk Tea with Pearl
SGD $2.30

Order and pay at counter (Self Service)

Let me start with the chicken drum stick. 
Crispy layer with mild salty flavour and chicken meat was tender. 
Rating : 8/10

Beside the drum stick, set meal also come with rice, vegetables and half boiled egg. Everything was fine except the rice. I was much disappointed to chew some dried rice crust which was mixed together with the plain rice. 

Rating : 6/10

As for the milk tea with pearl, I would only give 5/10. Milk tea was too dilute and not chill enough.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Nanyang Old Coffee Cafe at UE Biz Hub

Nanyang Old Coffee Cafe
Address :
6 Changi Business Park Ave 1 #01-26
UE Biz Hub
Singapore 486017

Beef Stew
SGD $6.00
Rating : 7/10

Iced Coffee
SGD $2.00
Rating : 9/10

Stew beef with the sticky gravy cooked in traditional method. You will liked the beef meat with first few bites but the sticky gravy stop me to finish all the food. 

Maybe for me, I don't really like this type of gravy. However, Iced coffee was the main item that draw me to this cafe.

Sakae Sushi - Sun Plaza at Sembawang Drive

Sakae Sushi
Address : 
30 Sembawang Drive
#02-21 Sun Plaza 
Singapore 757713
Tel  : 6483 0018

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Family outing arranged today, before we start our activities, we decided to find a place to settle our lunch first. 

Touch Screen Menu for you to place order which was quite convenient for us. Surrounding ambience was cosy, ceiling area install with some warm lighting. I would give good comments because seat area was comfortable.

This outlet only have few customers occupying some tables even now was during lunch hours. Even the Teppanyaki area, I can only see empty seats along the Teppanyaki Counter.

I started to get worry was it because of the food standard in this outlet which cannot draw more crowds to patronise their restaurant.

Forget about the worries stated above. As usual, I have standby preserved ginger slices as side dish. While dipping sauce will be soya sauce with wasabi.

Spicy Toro Sushi
SGD $2.29 for 2 pcs

Rating : 8/10

Curry Chicken Ramen
SGD $14.99 for 1 set
Rating : 7/10

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Sin Fish at Woodlands MRT

It take me 15 mins to find this shop selling Pancake named "Sin Fish". 1 week ago, one of my colleague bought one for me to try but pancake turned soft after stored in the box too long. So my first impression for this pancake was disappointment. Pancake don't taste really good.

However, I still not able to convince myself that "Sin Pancake" should taste in this way. I decided to buy one on my own to try when the pancake is still hot.

This pancake is not cheap but I do not regret to buy one to try. I have waited about 10 mins for this pancake (Cheese and Ham). 

Crispy layer with the ingredients of Ham and Cheese. Eat the pancake while still hot. Once the pancake turn cold, it will taste soggy.

Dip n Go at Woodlands MRT

I was here at Woodlands MRT Station and passed by a shop selling snack. What so amazing about Dip n Go? 

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Create your own meal
You can see this big poster place in front of the shop.

Jumbo Squid
Dipping : Fiery Chilli
Rating : 9/10

For me, I never liked Baby Squid but I really cannot resist to take a second bite after trying. Baby Squid with the dipping sauce tasted really delicious. 

After eating, you still can drink from the same container. Where is the drink? 
The drink was stored underneath the snack holder. You don't have to open up the cover, there is a small hole to slot in the straw.

Yummy !!!

Deep Fried Onion Ring 
Dipping : Cheddar Cheese
Rating : 9/10

Crispy Onion Ring taste good especially with the dipping sauce. 

Teo Chap Bee Eating House at Blk 19 Marsiling Lane

Address :

Teo Chap Bee Eating House
Blk 19 Marsiling Lane, #01-329
Singapore 730019

Today was Saturday and since we were around Woodland area. Eason suggested to drop by Marsiling Lane for our lunch.

Hong Ji Herbs Bak Kue Teh

Since we are here and Eason decided to order Hong Ji Bak kue Teh for me to try. I heard this stall was quite popular in this area. 

SGD $11.50 for whole set 

Preserved Vegetable 
Rating : 4/10
I really don't like this side dish. 

JPOT Hotpot Singapore Style at Vivio City

1 HarbourFront Walk #01-53 
VivioCity (Lobby F) 
Singapore 098585 

Click here for JPOT

I am here at JPOT attending one of my good friend's birthday celebration. This was my first time visit and saw many customers waiting outside the entrance. It seem this place is quite popular. 

Mini size Asahi beer
8 for SGD $20.00 (Promotion)

Now we are looking at the menu on the touch screen to place order.

Monday 14 October 2013

Fruit Paradise at Vivio City

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I was with my colleagues at Vivio City. We plan to buy a cake for one of our colleague. However, they only sell 23 cm tart. For 19 cm tart, you will need to pre-order.  

I really liked the display of different type of fruit tarts. Look so tempting and delicious.

Once you see the fruit tarts and you will understand about my comment.

No 1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-59 Vivio City
Singapore 098585

Saturday 12 October 2013

Soleme Korean Cuisine - at Sembawang Shopping Centre Food Junction

Today I am alone all by myself to run some errand around this area. I just want to settle my lunch simple at a food court. So I walked to 2nd floor Food Junction and found this stall named "Soleme Korean Cuisine".

I was quite surprised when I saw the menu. Is this a korean restaurant? Food prices are quite reasonable but serving Authentic Korean Cuisine.

Food Junction at Sembawang Shopping Centre

What do you think about the side dish?

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre at Jalan Bukit Merah

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre
Address :
6 Jalan Bukit Merah 
Singapore 150006

I always liked to visit this food centre, you can easily find any type of food here. With all the variety of Authentic food in different stalls.

Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice
Stall #01-38

This stall draw my interest to place an order with them. I order their signature dish "Claypot rice with Chicken Meat". 

Many patrons waiting at their tables , most of them sit near to this stall. 

After 20 mins, claypot rice finally served on our table. 

To be frank, I don't really think this pot of rice tasted fantastic and worth the long waiting.

As usual , ingredients used was Pork sausage, chicken meat, vegetables and salted fish. Chicken meat was not tender and make the whole pot of rice tasted dried.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Changi Village Hawker Centre

    Changi Village Hawker Centre

Amigo Noodle Stall

This stall always with long queue during lunch hour. 

Chicken Chop Hor Fun
SGD $3.50
Food rating : 9/10