Saturday 31 May 2014

OMGrill at Blk 132 Jurong East Street 13

Original Chicken set meal at S$6.40

Side dish come with Garden Salad,Hardcut Coleslaw and Italian Cheese Pasta

Wokstars participant/champion (2014), Mr Ng Kheng Siang has opened a stall at Blk 132 Jurong East St 13 named OMGrill.  A unique name that spurred me on to try his food creations. 

Among his dishes, I decided to try out his Original Chicken Set Meal as I was feeling to get something light for my lunch. The chicken was well marinated and finely grilled. However, most of the dishes pre-cooked and reheated when consumers purchased their food .

As for the side dish, the Garden Salad tasted good with the cherry tomatoes due to its freshness. However, the Italian Cheese Pasta was too soggy for mine palate but its taste was still decent.  While the Coleslaw didn't meet my expectations at all because there was lack of dressing to complement the vegetables.

Considering the fact that this dish was purchased from a local estate coffeeshop, the satisfaction I derived from this dish was adequate even though the dish wasn't perfect, it was still "hawker worthy" nonetheless.

Located at Happy Hawkers Coffeeshop
Blk 132 Jurong East St 13, #01-271,
Stall 9 Singapore 600132

Astons @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

If you are looking for Western food and do not want to spend any additional cost for the 10% service charge. You can choose Astons because this restaurant do not charge any service charge.

Root Beer Float S$3.50 

This drink remind me of my childhood days when A&W is still around. Root beer with Vanilla scoop on the top. 

Iced Chocolate S$3.50

If you don't like fizzy drink, you can order Iced Chocolate.

Crispy Fried Chicken  S$8.90
with side dish French fries and Potato Wedges

Crispy Fried Chicken  S$8.90
with side dish French Fries and Mashed Potato

I strongly recommend you to try this Crispy Fried Chicken from Astons. Even though the Crispy Fried Chicken is deep fried and might deem unhealthy by more health conscious consumer but the fried chicken is crispy on the outside while retaining its tenderness and juicy. 

Prime Sirloin Steak S$14.90
with side dish Mac & Cheese and Baked Potato

For those who are willing to pay a higher price, why not try the Prime Sirloin Steak? Affordable yet at the same time scrumptious, strongly recommended for Steak lovers!

Garden Salad (Side Dish) S$2.30

Why not order an additional side dish to add some vitamins and dietary fiber to your diet at Astons? The Garden Salad consists of blanched broccoli and mini carrots. Which its crunchy and tasty at the same time.

Overall, we had a wonderful lunch at Astons with its affordable prices and delicious set meals.

604 Sembawang Road #03-14
Sembawang Shopping Centre
Singapore 758459.

Saturday 24 May 2014

Roti Mum at IMM

If you like Coffee Bun with crispy layer, try Roti Mum.

1 for S$1.50
6 for S$7.50

Click here for Roti Mum Website

Shabu Sai at Causeway Point

Are you a food lover for Shabu Shabu? Here is one of the restaurant we would like to recommend you. Shabu Sai located at Causeway Point , Woodlands branch.

This restaurant don't accept phone reservation. If you want to try this restaurant, you will need to queue early. We have waited for our turn about 1 hour on that day.

Weekend Dinner
Adult : S$24.99 ++
Child 4 to 9 years old : S$9.99 ++
Below 4 years old : Free
Dining Time : 90 mins

4 types of Soup base and few types of dipping sauce for you to choose.

Limited vegetables variety to choose but still acceptable for us because we prefer meat more than vegetables. 

We have chosen Tonkotsu Shouyu Soup and Sukiyaki Soup as the soup base. 

Beside meat and vegetables, you can also find different types of  food like noodle, fishball, beancurd, radish, egg and mushroom from the self service buffet counter.

We really liked the free flow serving for meat. Choice come with sliced pork meat, sliced chicken meat and beef.  You will need to order from the service staff and all meats are place on a small tray.

Overall the best food that can find in this restaurant was the free flow meat. 3 types of Meat that we have tried was really fresh and tasty.

You can pick your own dipping sauce. Chili sauce is also available if you like your dipping sauce to be spicy.

Nice dining ambience but service staffs are quite limited. It will take quite a while for you to place another order because most of the staffs were busy around. 

Free flow drinks with additional top up of S$1.99++. Coffee and hot tea are available. 

As for the dessert, we don't really like the ice cream. 

Ichiban Sushi at Bukit Panjang

This round we are here at Ichiban Sushi . One of our favorite Japanese restaurant.

Unagi Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Salmon Sushi with cheese -S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Tamago Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Swordfish Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Tuna Sushi - S$2.40 (2 pcs)

Tenzaru Chasoba - S$13.90

Mixed deep fried vegetables with prawns.

Cold Chasoba (Green Tea noodle) come with set meal.

Beef Sukiyaki - S$13.90

Sliced beef 

If you liked Beef Sukiyaki, you can try this set meal. Beef cut in thin sliced portions served with cabbage, mushroom, vegetables and Tofu (soft bean curd).

Lobster Fried Sushi - S$4.20 (2 pcs)

Click here for Ichiban Outlets

Ajisen Ramen at Causeway Point #B1-18

Craving for Authentic Japanese Ramen today? We are here at the restaurant - Ajisen Ramen.

Vincent is waiting for his order Cha Shu Ramen. 

After 10 mins, finally get to see his smiling face with the contented expression when his food was served .

Javier was a fussy eater and quite choosy with the type of food that can attract his taste bud. For Ajisen Ramen , he can finish a big bowl of Ramen. 

Just look at the thicked soup base with the topping of Cha Shu, egg and vegetables. Do you want to join us?

You can choose one side dish with additional top up of S$2.00.  Vincent ordered deep fried cuttlefish as his side dish.

Sushi lover, you can choose California Maki (5 pcs) for your side dish.

Takoyaki (Side dish)

Soft Shell Crab Salad - S$8.50