My Mama Recipes


My mum's dialect group is Khek. 
She can cooked many types of Hakka cuisine but she started late. 
She only devoted to cook often when she passed 40 years old.

One of her traditional recipe was Soya Paste Braised Pork Ribs and Handmade Meat Roll

Something that I can never learnt from her,
 might be her passion and patience. 
You really need alot of effort and time.
 Especially Hakka cuisine,
you need alot of preparation works.

Simple meal but I strongly felt that I can never eat any food,
better than my mum's cooking.

I think everyone will give their mum's cooking with full marks.

Braised Pork Ribs

Although colour look horrible.
this dish really taste good. 

Soft tender pork rib easy to chew in your mouth ,
savoury gravy was tasty.

Don't worry about the "FATs" ... LOL

Simple vegetable dish,
 my mum always liked to used anchovies (ikan bilis). 

Remind me of  the old days,
homecooked food will always the "BEST".

Handmade Meat Rolls 
Ingredients included water chestnut, mince pork, 
prawn, dried beancurd skin.

Rice Dumpling

One of my mum secret recipe is "Rice Dumpling".  
Only available once a year during Chinese Festival. 

Ingredients with braised pork belly meat, salted egg yolk, mushroom, glutinous rice.  

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