Sunday 31 August 2014

Peach Garden (桃苑) at Thomson Plaza #01-88

Today my recommendation will be Peach Garden, Weekend Hi-Tea Buffet. There are some on-going promotions for OCBC card holder, 1 Adult dine free with 3 Adults paying. I would advise you to make reservation in advance.

The Hi-Tea Buffet start at 3pm and will end at 5pm. Now let's move on to our Dim Sum introduction.

As a fan for Dim Sum food, Dim Sum buffet will be a good choice for me. I can't believe that there were more than 30 selection of Dim Sum delicacies in Peach Garden. 

Look at the Push Cart that stored the deep fried food. 

Once we were directed to our table, the service staff was quite attentive to push the food cart to our table. Within less than 5 mins, our table was full of Dim Sum food.

Prawn Dumpling
Food Rating: 4/5

Fresh prawn used as the main filling wrapped with the white dumpling skin. 

Black Bean Paste Pork Ribs
Food Rating: 3.5/5

Pork Rib tasted good and not too salty. You can find some sliced Fried beancurd (Tau Pok).

Chicken Claw
Food Rating : 3.5/5

This dish is not my liking but my mum loved to eat. Chicken claw served with gravy and sliced chili.

Beancurd Roll
Food Rating: 3/5

Beancurd roll tasted average due to the soggy texture and don't really like the filling.  

Deep Fried Potato Croquette
Food Rating: 3/5

Nothing special about the Potato Croquette.

Deep Fried Dumpling
Food Rating: 3/5

Fried Yam Ball
Food Rating: 3.5/5

Fried Mango Prawn Fritter
Food Rating: 3/5

The fried fritter tasted a bit weird for me, the sweet and salty flavor combination  don't suit my palate.

Pu Er 

Free flow Chinese Tea (Pu Er).

Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf
Food Rating: 4/5

Glutinous rice tasted good, the filling with dried minced prawn, sliced meat and mushroom. 

Bacon Roll
Food Rating: 4/5

Bacon roll taste savoury and chewy. 

Spicy Dumpling
Food Rating: 4/5

Spicy dumpling tasted good with the spicy sauce even though the spiciness level was too much for my palate. I finished the whole bowl of dumplings, leaving the sauce alone.

Beside the push cart Dim Sum, you can also find some other Dim Sum food at the buffet counter.

Buffet counter look slightly messy and food doesn't seem appealing enough for my standard.

Porridge with shredded Chicken
Food Rating: 3.5/5

Porridge is available at the buffet counter. 

At the buffet counter, beside the porridge, you can also find other Dim Sum food like the fried carrot cake, fried noodle, Rice Roll (Zhu Chang Fen), deep fried meat and desserts.

Pig Trotter with Vinegar
Food Rating: 4/5

For those who can intake food that consists vinegar and ginger, this traditional dish will suit your palate. Pig trotter with sweet and mild sourness flavor yet so appetizing.  

Thumbs up!

Dessert Time !!!

Fried Sesame Ball 
Food Rating: 5/5

Sesame Ball was chewy and not too sweet. Thumbs up for this dessert!

Ice Cream Time!!!

If you want something refreshing after the heavy meal, try the dessert soup.

Overall, we strongly agreed that the Hi-Tea Buffet is worth to the value for only S$20.80 per pax (Adult). Our total bill was S$73.00 (with 10% Service Charge and 7% GST) for 4 pax.

301, Upper Thomson Road, #01-88
Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408


Itacho Sushi at The Star Vista #B1-12,

Itacho Sushi is one of my favourite dining place to enjoy freshly made sushi. 

I am now preparing some preserved ginger slices on my plate to go with the sushi. Oh dear.... my stomach is making some rumbling noise.

If you like to get some privacy with your friends or family, you can choose the dining area with the enclosed area. 

However, it will still depend on the crowds. This restaurant always fully packed with customers during dining hours.

Cold Sea Cucumber at S$2.40 (Special Promotion Price)
Food Rating : 4/5

Sea Cucumber was crunchy with the combination of cold seaweed and cucumber.

We have ordered individual sushi that suit our own liking. I have ordered salmon sushi, roasted duck sushi, Tamago sushi, scallop sushi and lobster salad sushi.

Green Tea Soba - Promotion Item
Food Rating: 3.5/5

Wagyu Beef Sushi Roll
Food Rating : 3.5/5

The Wagyu Beef Sushi Roll tasted good and fresh but don't really suit my palate. 

Scallop Teppanyaki w/Butter (Promotion Item) at S$5.80
Food Rating : 4/5

Scallops cooked on the hot plate tasted really good and juicy, most important scallop was fresh. 

Clam w/Butter and Pepper at S$4.00
Food Rating: 4/5

Clams used were fresh and tasted really good. The light gravy mixture of butter, pepper. chopped Garlic and Spring Onion make a good combination with the clams.

Supreme Sea Eel at S$6.20
Food Rating : 4/5

Extra big size Sea Eel Sushi that you will definitely like to give it a try.

Food Rating: 4/5

If you like steamed egg food, try Itacho's Chawamushi that served with soft and slippery egg texture. 

Facebook Page:

1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-12
The Star Vista
Singapore 138617

Saturday 30 August 2014

Kim's Family Korean Food Restaurant at West Coast Community Centre #01-01

As a fan of Korean food, this blog will bring you to an inexpensive Korean Restaurant named "Kim's Family Food Korean Restaurant" .

I have visited the Kim's Family Food Korean Restaurant located at Lorong kilat many years ago, this restaurant always packed with crowds. 

While the West Coast branch that I visited today look less crowded. I really don't know how this branch will be able to sustain the business because there were only 2 tables occupied during lunch time. 

I always enjoy Korean Cuisine, key factor because I can have a wide range of side dishes to try. 

In Kim's Family Korean Restaurant, you can have at least 9 side dishes on the table and furthermore free flow serving with no additional charges

Egg Roll 
Food Rating : 3/5

Egg roll with sweet and sour sauce.

Korean Fish Cake
Food Rating: 4/5

Sliced fish cake taste like dried beancurd, served with sweet and sour sauce.

Dried Seaweed 
Food Rating : 5/5

I like the mixture of the dried seaweed with spring onion and goes well with plain rice.

Sauteed Mushroom
Food Rating: 3/5

Sauteed mushroom tasted good but tasted too salty to suit my liking.

Cucumber Kimchi 
Food Rating: 4/5

Cucumber Kimchi has fermented with mild spiciness but still preserved the crunchiness. 

Kimchi Cabbage
Food Rating: 4/5

This restaurant has a wide range of authentic Kimchi, especially the Kimchi Cabbage was one of my favorite dish.

Beef Bulgogi + Soybean Paste Soup at S$15.00
Food Rating : 4/5

Pork Bulgogi 
Food Rating : 4/5

Beef and Pork bulgogi set meal serving enough for 2 person.  Beef and Pork meat tasted tender and savoury. Thumbs up for this set meal.

Soybean paste soup slightly too salty for me again but acceptable if goes with plain rice. 

You can find some seafood ingredients in the soup such as clam, sliced beancurd and prawn.

Side Dish

One of the service staff served me another side dish which is fried fish. Fish was soft and tasty but I really don't know what is the name of the fish. Thumbs up for this dish!

Other Side Dishes:

Spicy Tofu Soup

My favourite soup will be the Spicy Tofu Soup, not only healthy is one of the factor and also like the spiciness that can boost my appetite.


Kimchi Pancake

BBQ Pork Belly and Chicken

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2 Clementi West Street 2 #01-01
West Coast Community Centre
Singapore 129605