Tuesday 15 October 2013

Teo Chap Bee Eating House at Blk 19 Marsiling Lane

Address :

Teo Chap Bee Eating House
Blk 19 Marsiling Lane, #01-329
Singapore 730019

Today was Saturday and since we were around Woodland area. Eason suggested to drop by Marsiling Lane for our lunch.

Hong Ji Herbs Bak Kue Teh

Since we are here and Eason decided to order Hong Ji Bak kue Teh for me to try. I heard this stall was quite popular in this area. 

SGD $11.50 for whole set 

Preserved Vegetable 
Rating : 4/10
I really don't like this side dish. 

Braised Beancurd Skin
Rating : 6/10

Beancurd skin tasted average.

Claypot Bak Kut Teh 
Rating : 8/10

Herbal soup with pork ribs, dried beancurd, pig intestines and vegetable. Soup have very strong herbal flavour with thick soup base.

Sin Kee Seafood Soup
Rating 10/10

Soup tasted really delicious with the thick soup broth. I am quite surprised this stall used Dory Fish. I always think that Dory fish meat taste average. Not mentioning using Dory fish to cook as fish soup. 

Nevertheless, after trying this bowl of fish soup, I really cannot believe Dory fish can tasted so good. Even though sliced fish meat was quite thick but texture was soft and freshed. 

Next, minced pork goes well with the sliced fish and soup. Natural sweetness linger in your mouth with each bite. 

I saw some tomato skin in the soup. Indeed soup has a light taste of sweet & sour taste initially boost my appetite better.

With this kind of affordable price & delicious taste for this bowl of fish soup. I really think 10/10 full points should be given to this stall.

Crayfish + Fish Soup

Just realised some sliced mushroom in the soup. Overall, all ingredients used were fresh. I strongly recommend this stall.

Prawn Noodle Stall
Food Rating : 2/5

Bad service and attitude received from the stall helper. By looking at the way she handle the food, I really don't know how good the food that served to taste good. Next, she told me to self service my food. I really do not mind to do so but her attitude seem arrogant.

Pork Ribs & Prawn Noodle+ Bee Hoon Soup
SGD $3.50 
Food Rating: 2/5

I was quite disappointed, this bowl of Prawn Noodle soup only served in warm temperature.

Next, Pork Ribs seem overcooked, lack moist and tasteless. Prawn still acceptable but really disappointed to order this bowl of noodle. Soup broth tasted average with very strong prawn fishy smell.

Roti Prata

You can also find a Indian Stall in this Eating House (Coffeeshop).

I tried the Roti Prata with the curry gravy but don't really liked the taste. It seem curry gravy was too oily which leave a mild bitter on my tongue. 

Pig Kidney Soup
Food Rating: 3/5

Pork Ribs Soup
Food Rating: 3.5/5

Preserved Vegetable
Food Rating: 3/5

Beancurd Skin
Food Rating: 3/5

This Eating House seem quite crowded with lot of patrons. Basically you can see people patronise this coffeeshop for the Bah Kut Teh and Fish Soup. So you should know what to order when you are here.

If you are looking for Hawker Centre food, just walk about 5-10 mins and you will find one located beside Blk 19.

Hope you like my recommendation for today.

Blk 19 Marsiling Lane

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