Sunday, 3 November 2013

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen at IMM Building

A shocking face from Javier when he is enjoying his Cheese Fried Fries and I took this photo. 

Now we are here at Popeyes, one of the outlet in IMM Building.

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I am sorry to express my view that the service in this outlet was really slow. Waited in the queue for more than 20 mins. 

3 pcs Combo meal with upsize 
(side dish come with mashed potato + drink)
SGD $11.10
Rating : 9/10

We have no complaint about the deep fried chicken. Outer layer was crispy, meat was tender and juicy. Most important you can taste the original chicken meat flavour.

I don't really like fast food but after trying Popeyes deep fried chicken, I cannot deny that I will give a thumb up for Popeyes.

Popeyes Rice Spicy Combo
Come with side dish Coleslaw and drink)
SGD $8.40 
Rating : 7/10

Rating : 8/10

Maybe not everyone will like Popeyes coleslaw but I do like this side dish very much. If I am not wrong, sliced pickles was used in the coleslaw.

Onion Rings
SGD $3.80
Rating : 9/10

Believe it or not, it took 10 mins for us to wait for the Onion Rings. Nevertheless, after trying and I finally understand about the waiting time. Popeyes Onion Rings taste so different when you can really tasted the onion.

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