Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Wei Wei Shi Pin 威威食品 - Blk 4A Woodlands Centre Road, #02-11 Singapore

Wei Wei Shi Pin 

Eason has recommended this stall to me many times. Fish soup was one of my favourite food. Since we are around this area, drop by for our dinner.

You will be shock to see the price list which pricing start from SGD $5.50 to SGD $11.00

Fish Soup with Rice
SGD $5.50
Rating :  8/10

This stall used Dory fish as ingredient, fish meat was freshed and into thick sliced.  
As for the soup, I really don't understand why the soup was less than half bowl. Nevertheless, soup taste really delicious.

For the minced pork, even though minced pork taste really good but too much fatty parts. Maybe for individual taste bud and preference, I really don't like the texture.

Overall experience, I still think this bowl of Fish Soup is worth to try.

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