Sunday, 17 November 2013

Kopitiam Food Court @ Sembawang Sun Plaza

San You Taiwanese Food
Today around Sembawang area, since at Sun Plaza, drop by food court to settle for our lunch.

Just look at the menu, so many types of Taiwanese dish for us to order. Nevertheless, I still prefer to stick with Claypot Braised Meat with Preserved vegetable.

Oyster Mee Suah
SGD $4.50
Rating : 6/10

I was quite disappointed with the Mee Suah.  Oysters don't really taste fresh and Mee Suah soup was too bland. 

Xiao Long Bao
SGD $4.50
Rating : 4/10

Even though Xiao Long Bao food price was reasonable but meat filling has a weird taste. It seem minced pork was not fresh. 

Claypot Braised Meat with Preserved Vegetable
SGD $5.5
Rating : 8/10

I still prefer Claypot Braised Meat rice. This set meal consider the best set among all the food in this stall. 

Lee Kwang Kee Chicken Rice
SGD $3.50
Rating : 6/10

There was long queue of people waiting at this stall. Seem quite popular and we order 1 set to try. After eating, I think Chicken rice taste average.

Bao Luo Wan Xiang (Dim Sum)
Braised Pork Ribs
Rating :6/10

Pork ribs don't really taste good with the sauce. Very strong Black Bean Paste smell but it seem too strong and make the pork ribs taste bitter. 

Lotus Leaf Rice (He Ye Fan)
Rating : 6/10

I always like food made of glutinous rice. However, this stall Lotus Leaf Rice was quite a disappointment. 

Tasteless for glutinous rice even eat with the braised meat. 

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