Sunday, 3 November 2013

Korean Food at IMM Kopitiam Food Court

There was s korean stall at IMM Building level 2 inside Kopitiam Food Court. Today, let's talk about this stall. I didn't see the stall name but it's quite easy to spot this stall.

You must be hungry, let's start our chopstick.

Side dish come with Kimchi and dried anchovies. I was quite surprised Kimchi tasted really delicious. 

Spicy Tofu Soup (come with rice)
SGD $4.90
Rating 7/10

Good deal for this set meal but steamed rice was too hard. Stall owner should consider using Korean rice grain.

Tofu soup ingredients come with egg tofu but I still prefer plained tofu. Nevertheless, the price of SGD $4.90 for this bowl of soup was consider cheap.

Spicy Kimchi Soup
SGD $5.90 (come with rice)
Rating 7/10

If you like Kimchi very much, this bowl of Kimchi Soup will boost your appetite better. Mild spicy and salty flavour mixed with Kimchi and Beancurd.

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