Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Huang Ah Ma - The Oriental Spa Chamber at 50 Mosque Street

We have bought  a special deal for 90 mins body massage under Huang Ah Ma (The Oriental Spa Chamber)  from Groupon at S$48.00 per pax.

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Reservation is required and appointments on weekend is allowed before 10pm.

Huang Ah Ma is located in a budget hotel. You can find a display list of their service rates outside the hotel. Public parking lot available at the roadside. 

We were directed to a small room to soak our foot for 15 mins. Thereafter, we were directed to another room for 15 mins sauna. Continue with 60 mins body massage. 

The service staffs were friendly and service provided was good. Throughout the 90 mins, we were experiencing a moment of being treated like royalties.

Huang Ah Ma - The Oriental Spa Chamber
50 Mosque Street
Singapore 059528

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