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Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Night Tour - Dated 11 Sep 2013

After our day tour, reached our hotel around 8pm. After taking a short rest, we decided to take a night walk outside our hotel.

Passed by this place, a night spot similar to Beer Garden. 

Walking along Georgetown street, many food stalls and coffee shops are still operating. 

A coffee shop selling Roti Prata and other Halal food.

A mobile stall selling porridge.

Another stall not far selling BBQ seafood.

Now we are at Jalan Rangoon, Georgetown in Penang.

We saw a lot of food stalls around this area.

This food area attracted us, not only many stalls and also crowded with many people.

We actually wanted to order the Pizza. However,  stall owner said we need to wait until 23:30 pm, which waiting time is 1 hour. We decided to skip this stall. We have no clue how this stall going to make profit.

BBQ Chicken Wings Stall.

Look delicious and I decided to order 3 pieces. 

Chicken Wing 
RM $2.00 per piece

After trying the Chicken Wings, only taste the sweetness but not up to tasty. BBQ Chicken Wing skin layer also not crispy.

Rating : 6/10

BBQ Seafood Stall.

We really too full to take anymore supper so I only order Spicy Clams (La La).

Spicy La La
RM $10.00
Rating : 8/10

La La cooked with garlic and spicy sauce. La La tasted fresh and not too spicy. Mild sweetness linger in your mouth.

Porridge Stall.

Pork Porridge
RM $5.00
Rating 10/10

Even though my stomach is full but I don't want to miss this stall for their porridge. Porridge is always my favourite food.

What is the reason Pork Porridge cost more than Chicken Porridge? This also come to my mind when I made payment.

After scooping this bowl of porridge and after trying. I think RM $5.00 is not expensive at all.

Pork porridge with the ingredients of Pig Kidney, Meat ball and fresh cuttlefish. Of course there is Pig liver but I instructed not to used Pig liver. 

I strongly recommend this stall for their porridge.

Pig Kidney was fresh and crunchy. Porridge texture was thick and the soup base used was tasty with natural sweetness.

Other stalls available in this food place.

This place should be located nearby 168 Macalister Road (Jalan Macalister), junction of Jalan Rangoon. We are not too sure but it should not be difficult to find this place.

Click here for Map

This food place only open during night time. In the day time, only Fried Hokkien Noodle Stall is open.

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