Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Chew Jetty - Dated 11 Sep 2013

Chew Jetty

Address :
59A, Chew Jetty, Weld Quay 10300 
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

About Chew Jetty

I always wanted to visit Chew Jetty.Even though there was not much things to see at this place,but you will feel a kind of peaceful and relaxing feeling. 

A small temple.

Bicycle is not allow inside the Chew Jetty.

Walking to the Jetty, we can smell a kind of foul smell come from the sea.   

It's not easy to preserve this area, most of the wooden planks were worn off and giving way. 

A small stall selling dessert, we stop here for a rest. Order a bowl of Traditional dessert RM $2.00. Dessert tasted good, worth the value to try.

One of the house owner selling souvenirs. Note book cost around RM $1.00. I bought some note books to support his business. Today seem quite quiet, not many tourist around.

I intend to buy 1-2 note books, end up I bought 10 note books and 2 table calendars.

Another small stall outside the house.

Pass by another house selling souvenirs. 

Chew Jetty is not a boring place to visit. You can find some activities in this place. 

A provision shop run by a friendly Uncle. 

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