Saturday, 7 September 2013

Soon Mong Duck Rice & Porridge at Blk 85 Feng Shan Centre #01-72

Address :
Blk 85 Fengshan Centre,  Bedok North St 4 
#01-72, Singapore 460085 

Duck Rice
SGD $5.00

Even though braised duck meat tasted a bit hard, 
but taste good.

My taste bud prefer meat to be tender type.
Surprised I can accept the meat texture.

Duck was braised using traditional method,
remind me of Teochew braised duck which I eat before.

My order for today
additional add in some duck kidney, bean curd and boiled egg.
Okay ... I will be sinful for today even I am on diet.

Braised sauce is more to sticky type,
slightly too salty for me especially the egg.

I liked the chilli sauce vey much,
 mixture with some grinded garlic,
spicy but tasty.

Food Rating : 8/10

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