Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nu Orient Cafe at Hotel Sentral Georgetown (Penang)

Finally count down to the days that has arrived. We have reached Penang, Georgetown, one of the tourism hotspot in Malaysia.

We were so hungry and forget all about  our missions. We supposed to target for Street Food stalls.

Since we are waiting for our room, we decided to grab for some food to fill in our stomach.

Nu Orient Cafe was located in Hotel Sentral Georgetown,
customer service level is average.

Let's move on with our food .....

French Fries
RM $8.40 

Food Rating 8/10

Taste crispy !!!

Ice Milk Tea 

Drink Rating : 7/10

Initially, I wanted to order Ice Coffee but this cafe only serve Ice Milk Tea.
What a weird answer!!!

Nasi Goreng " Kampung"
RM $ 9.90

Food Rating : 8/10

This plate of Fried Rice tasted really good.  I minus off the remaining 2 points because rice taste slightly too bland.

Even with the combination of  ingredients used, fried rice taste like plain rice.

Aglio-Olio (Spaghetti)
RM $ 17.90

Food Rating : 6/10

Spaghetti tasted bland , give out a kind of strong smell that spaghetti was not cooked.

Spaghetti was too dry and tasteless, only the ingredients have some taste.

I liked the side dish for the Salad. Salad was fresh and crunchy even without any Salad sauce.

Nu Orient Cafe at Hotel Sentral Georgetown

Address :
No 12 Lorong Kinta,
10400,Pulau Pinang,

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